Monday, 30 November 2015

Sketchers Slippers from Mastershoe

We all love a review, right? But sometimes, when you see a pristine outfit, or a shoe, you always wonder whether someone has just put on the outfit for pictures and then taken it off again. I'm not wrong, am I?

Meet my slippers. These were sent to me to review by Mastershoe. You can check them out here.

black and white picture of slippers

Now, I COULD show you pictures of these slippers straight out of the box. But it would not be a true representation of how much I love these slippers. As soft as putting your foot in a sheep's butt, (and probably as warm. They are SPARKLY, and they have hard soles, meaning I can do the school run in them (I joke, although I COULD, if I wanted to) 


These are not just ANY slippers, these are Sketchers slippers. which means they are hard wearing as well as just looking good. I have rigorously tested these slippers, both around the house with PJs, and by running out into the garden and putting rubbish into the bin in the rain. They still look good and feel good. 

I feel like I would be cheating you by just taking them out of the box and taking pictures, I have worn these HARD over the last few weeks and they still feel and look good. 

Inside view of worn slippers

And I have had a good sniff. There is no stinky odour, which can be a problem with furry slippers after a while. 

If you need slippers, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out these Skechers Slippers. You can find them here Mastershoe, in fact, I have linked to all of their Skechers, as I am currently eyeing up a pair of shoes from their Go Walk range and they have Free UK delivery and returns at the moment. 

What do you think? Do you like my slippers? Does any one else love slippers with hard soles that you can run outside in? They are absolutely essential for me. 

Let me know. 

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  1. Now they look so warm and snug, definitely my kind of slippers and I am off to look them up x

    1. They really are so warm. and so practical. I go from inside the house and out a LOT, so I need hard soles while they still look good. Thank you for commenting.


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