Monday, 9 November 2015

Social Experiments, YouTube Herpes

If a Youtuber gives a homeless man $100 and doesn't film it, did it really happen?

If I hear the words "Social Experiment" uttered one more time then I am going to lose my shit. Youtubers everywhere, but especially in America it seems, are creating content under the guise of it being a social experiment. They leave babies in hot cars, they abuse women, they prey on small children in parks and have small children begging, but its OK GUYS, IT WAS JUST A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.

Knob off.

The words Social Experiment are now an excuse to be a dick for hits. It isn't about changing the world, or holding a mirror up to society in order to make them realise their errors and help them to mend their ways, it is a technique as transparent as "And You Will Never Guess What Happens Next" to try to make something go viral.

Social Experiments are YouTube Herpes, Everyone is chasing the hits, and this years big draw is setting up situations and seeing how they play out. From violence against women to whether your child will go off with a stranger, everything is designed to make us watch and SHARE. (It's not enough to watch, you have to share, otherwise how will it spread?)

And some of these social experiments are very well done, I watched with horror as small children went off with the stranger to look at his puppies/grab an ice cream/be taken home. It made me talk again with my own children about strangers and yes, I shared the video. (Sharing is caring)

But for every ONE video that is designed to make us think, or look in that mirror, there are a hundred more where someone is JUST BEING A DICK. Chasing the hits, being abusive to other people and even hurting people, all under the guise of it being a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.

Big Brother was once a Social Experiment, now look at it.

I wonder how many of these Youtubers currently involved in Social Experiments would do the same things without a camera rolling, without the incentive of hits to their sites, without anyone hitting like or sharing their content. Would they give that homeless guy $50 or look up womens skirts with a camera to see if anyone will stop them? Of course they wouldn't?

A social experiment is not a social experiment when one or more people involved has something to gain from the outcome, as it is in their interest to make sure it goes a certain way. It is not a Social Experiment, it is all about the hits.

Surely the true social experiment would be to ask these Youtubers how many times they have engineered situations like these, WITHOUT there being cameras involved.

Time to look in the mirror, ladies and gents, at YOURSELVES.

What do YOU think about these Social Experiments? Do you find them interesting? Or just another way for the Youtube to get hits? Have you seen any videos that have made you feel uncomfortable?

Let me know

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  1. I recently watched one about a man verbally attacking a woman for her clothing choice. Think it was on Facebook, I was shocked when he got cracked around the head with a bottle and then realized it was something like this.

    I think stranger danger ones highlight important things, but all the other crap just needs to stop. I don't really watch or share those ones.

    Jenna (

    1. that one was definitely a social experiment and it annoys the hell out of me, what happens if people stop intervening in things like this in case it is a prank or an experiment. I can't see where it will stop

  2. I personally feel like they are just more of a way to get hits and be known within the YouTube community as that person who did the social experiment?
    They honestly make me feel very uncomfortable especially with the ones that I've heard about in the past.
    They're just ugh in every way possible.

    Jamie x

    1. I agree Jamie, it is all about the hits for a lot of them, they don't want to change the world, just their bank balance


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