Monday, 16 November 2015

The Story Of Your Life, Who Plays You?

Imagine the scene. Finally, the movie of your life is going to be made, someone is going to tell your story, and we all do have a story. The phone rings, and the producer says, "Right, we are all set to go, who would you like to play you in the movie of your life?"

Firstly. This isn't no made for TV crap, I'm talking the big budgets here, you can have whoever you want to direct the movie of your life (I'm going to see if Michael Bay is available) 

I was thinking about this last night, after a rather fun blogger chat on Twitter, It seems a lot of you would watch the movie of my life. 

Let me tell you now, it would be a horror movie, with a romantic twist, with a underlying dark humour that only some people would get. 

But who would I want to play me? Once i had persuaded myself that Megan Foz is too young/bland/cannot really act and looks better than me in denim shorts, I decided that if I was playing this game fairly, the person who I would love to play me in the movie of my life would be Kathleen Turner, Do we remember her? 

I like her style. 

I love the sound of her voice, her dry humour, and she always made me laugh. So if there was a movie of my life, I would love her to play me. 

But it did take me a while to come up with someone, so now it is your turn, WHO would you want, to play you in the movie of your life, and why? 

Plus, what kind of movie would it be? 

And do you think I'm right to pick Kathleen Turner? 

I would love to read your comments, let me know, 

Big Fashionista X X x


  1. I have thought long and hard about this. The first obvious choice was Rebel Wilson, but in reality she is far too extrovert and cool to play me.
    I think I would go for the un hollywood choice of Katy Brand. No nonsense, down to earth. Funny but not in your face funny.
    My story would have tragedy early on, a horrendous middle bit and a sweet happy ending x

  2. I'd like Jessica Lange to play me. Yes we look nothing alike and yes she's about 30 years older than me, but I don't care. Queen Jessica or no-one.
    J :)

  3. Anna Kendrick! She's younger, thinner, cooler and prettier but we're LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON. Her Ryan Gosling tweet nailed it for me :'D

  4. Winona Rider... apparently when I was younger and a lot slimmer I reminded people of her... now...not so much!

  5. Gotta be Melissa McCarthy for me! Wonder how good her Scottish accent is...? ;)

  6. I thought long and hard. I reckon I'd choose Dawn French - big & bubbly. She's much more beautiful than me but otherwise she'd be perfect!
    I had started off wanting someone slim. But then I decided I'd rather the smiles & fun. Xx


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