Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What's Your Hobby?

So I am finding myself with a lot more time on my hands lately, my children are growing up and don't need me quite as much as they once did and suddenly I am finding blocks of time that I want to fill with........ well, something.

I need a hobby.

I can't knit, or crochet, and if I am honest, it isn't something that interests me so that's out. but I want something TO DOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(Apart from blogging, this isn't a hobby, it is a way of life)

I love photography, but I don't actually own a good camera so that idea is out of the window. (Cough, Cough, Santa)

What hobbies do you have? What keeps you sane or interested? I would love to know what different things that people do for fun, or to relax of an evening, (Currently I just eat)

So let me know your hobby, how you got into it, what you get out of it, and why you enjoy it. Maybe we can find me a new hobby?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x x



  1. Roller derby training for 2 years but I had to give it up :( I got air-drying clay and a few tools last Christmas, great way to spend a few hours! I wish I was one of these people that enjoyed cooking, my diet would be so much healthier if I could stand being in the kitchen for more than 15 minutes. But I really have to class the internet as my main hobby, I spend countless hours on it reading stuff, listening to Spotify, watching Youtube videos. I can take or leave tv and films, but do not deprive me of the internet!

  2. Card making and papercraft - you can get started with only a tiny amount of stuff (don't tell my husband that, I've managed to convince him that my mountains of craft supplies are a necessity) and you very soon have something to show for it. Plus whenever you send a card you can send something perfectly tailored to the recipient, not mass produced shop cards. And it's so relaxing and absorbing that when i'm crafting I've even been known to FORGET TO EAT!!!

  3. For me it's nail art. Start with simple designs using your existing polishes and then you can buy really cheap brushes, tape, etc. online. Plus there's a really big online community chatting and sharing ideas. You can do it in front of the telly in the evening x

  4. I also love photography, how about getting a second-hand camera? People like Canon keep bringing out new models, so there are lots of perfectly good pre-loved ones out there. Try eBay or Wex Photographic, I can strongly recommend the Canon 600D :-)

  5. I do lots of fabric/yarn-based things but those aren't what you want. I read a ton, write fanfic (that's a total black hole for spare time (and not spare time) if you get into it). I love to bake and make candy so I can always find an excuse to make something or to cruise around cooking websites looking for recipes.

  6. Im learning to play the ukulele, its tough to start with buts fun and totally time consuming. And its a great way to get back at arsehole neighbours

  7. Learn a new language. I've been using duolingo which is a free app and is pretty cool...

  8. Playing bass guitar.

    Okay, let's look at why this is a Good Thing:

    1. is easier than playing chords
    2. bassists legitimately can be unreliable, flaky and a bit daft. It's what we're known for
    3. bass guitars look amazing. Especially when held by a lass who's not afraid to rock out.
    4. Rickenbacker 4003s - that should have been number 1.
    5. Can use to annoy people - not that I would...
    6. Similarly, can use to impress people (also: not that I would...)
    7. Good cover for your alternative life as a mobster. They still use guitar cases, don't they?


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