Monday, 21 December 2015

You Are Not Alone 2015

Christmas can be the best of times and for some, it can be the worst. We all need a little help at Christmas, even if it is just someone to say you can do this. I share these numbers every year, and I will continue to do so every year, just to remind everyone. You Are Not Alone. 


Tel No   0300 123 3393


Tel No      116 123 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel No     0800 9177650 



Info line 08000 50 20 20 

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

Tel No    0207 837 7324



Tel No     0300 304 7000

Papyrus, Prevention of young suicide


National self-help body for the Transgender community

Beaumont Society


Information Line 01582 412220


Depression Alliance



Tel No     0808 2000 247

Beating eating disorders.

Help line 0345 634 1414
Youth Line 0345 634 7650


Tel No    0808 800 4444

NHS Direct


No Panic

Tel No  0844 967 4848

Youth helpline     01753 840393

Much love this Christmas and New Year,  See you in 2016.


Friday, 18 December 2015

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Film?

So it seems that a LOT of people are breaking up for christmas today, offices are closing, schools are shutting, meaning that apart from some xmas shopping and hunting for food, it is chill the fuck out time in our PJs watching christmas films and sharing round the small tin of Quality Street (Side note, if I see that bloody picture of the decreasing size of a Quality Street tin shared one more time, I will not be responsible for my actions)

Where was I?

Ok, so we all have a favourite Christmas film, don't we? The one that means Christmas has actually begun to be fun, I know that for a lot of you, it is Elf, I will be honest, Elf is OK, but it isn't my favourite film for Christmas.

For Christmas to truly begin, I have to sit and watch Bill Murray in SCROOGED.

I love that film. it IS Christmas for me. It has everything, it brings the laughs, the feels and a couple more laughs as well.

Awwwwww, how young does Bill Murray look here?

So now you know my favourite film, what is your favourite Christmas film? What film makes you feel all Christmassy inside?

Let me know.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

This Is Not An Open Letter

This is not an open letter. This is a blog post, and as we are about to see out 2015 and start a new year, can I PLEASE add open letters to the list of things that we leave in 2015 and never refer to again. (I would also like to add the X Factor to this list as well please) 

Seriously, the popularity of open letters has spread so far and wide this year that it now needs to be stopped immediately before it gets out of hand. Most of the time, an open letter is created for no other reason than to go viral, or to shame Taylor Swift. The next time I see the words open letter and Taylor Swift in the same sentence I am going to burn down the internet, OKAY?

Open letters used to serve a purpose, they were a way of getting your message heard, but let's be honest here, an open letter is not about getting your message to the person to whom the open letter is addressed, it is about getting it out there to EVERYONE, every bugger has to read it, then it will be reshared by Buzzfeed, The Metro, probably the Daily Mail and everyone on social media. for two days you will not be able to SHIT without reading the open letter, then just as it all dies down. The person to whom the letter was written will respond, USUALLY IN OPEN LETTER FORMAT, everyone will share that. Buzzfeed will probably make a list of ten things in the open letter that they love, AND THE WHOLE THING STARTS UP AGAIN. People will be arguing over who is in the right and who is in the wrong and then three days later it is forgotten, until SOMEONE ELSE writes another open letter.


How about we leave open letters in 2015? How about we DON'T bring them into 2016 with us. I for one would be a happy chick about this, don't you agree?

If you don't, for the love of God, please don't write me an open letter about it, I will not be happy.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Jewellery from Black Heart Creatives

I do not own a Xmas Jumper, and I am ok with that, for I am blessed with something more chic, more stylish and WAY more interesting than a boring Christmas Jumper. I have a necklace from Black Heart Creatives.

I know, you are jealous. I feel your pain.

Why yes, that is Santa's sleigh, being pulled by three reindeers and it is AWESOME. (I am not apologising for the use of the word awesome, because it damn well is) 

What do you mean you haven't heard of Black Heart Creatives? Let me introduce you to their products.

You can check out their website here. They sell laser cut jewellery for EVERY OCCASION. They also do custom work too. I have seen some of their necklaces and if you have ever felt the urge to purchase a vegetarian pizza necklace, well guess what?

Any type of necklace, earrings, rings and brooches you can think of, you can buy from Black Heart Creatives. I am a HUGE fan of the Poptraits as well, Amy, Elvis, even Prince. they are superb. They also do a lot of custom work which means no-one will have the same necklace as you do. STATEMENT JEWELLERY certainly does make a statement, doesn't it?

The Christmas collection is definitely one to take a look at, I have been wearing my necklace to various christmas events all December and I have had so many compliments and people ask where you can buy it from. Christmas Jumpers are SO 2014. What you need is one of these, honest.

You still have time to order before Xmas, but last day to order in time for Xmas is TOMORROW so run across and order NOW.

and if you want to take a look at the christmas collection, check it out here.

PLUS, if you use the code BIGF20 you can get a DISCOUNT of 20% on your order. This code will be valid for the next week only.

What do you think of my Sleigh necklace? I love it, I hope you do too.

Let me know.

*PR sample, sent in return for an honest review

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#StyleYOUniform with George at Asda

This post is full of apologies. In this case. I am sorry because I really messed this one up.

A while ago, George at Asda asked if I would like to get involved in their #StyleYOUniform challenge. I LIVE in my jeans and the brief was too spend 5 days without wearing jeans.

I got a budget to spend at George and had to create a capsule wardrobe that would get me through 5 days without slipping into my old faithful jeans.

Now being a HUGE George fan, I quickly found some items to wear and EMBRACED the challenge head on.

I quickly realised that the REASON I wear jeans each day is because I walk the dog every morning through fields and through paths that are overgrown with nettles and sharp pointy sticks that scratch me at every opportunity.

This is the CLEAR PART. Gotta love the countryside, right?

But I persevered, and I took pictures of my outfits each day.

and I MEANT to get the post scheduled....... but things kept getting in the way, (as life invariably does)

and then I managed to delete the pictures. I AM A NIGHTMARE BLOGGER.

What I am going to do, is list out the items that I used to create my capsule wardrobe, and then I am going to add pictures to this post every time I wear them as, because they are George I am wearing them constantly and they still look good.

The first item I chose was this EPIC Jumper.

Now I don't own a christmas jumper yet but this is the next best thing. A FOX jumper dress WITH SEQUINS. what is not to love. I teamed this with leggings one day, and then just a plain black skirt another day with a pair of tights and big chunky boots.

You can purchase the fox jumper HERE -> Fox Jumper from George at Asda and it was only £18 so not only will it make a fantastic winter jumper dress you can wear it xmas day to shut people up about wearing an xmas jumper.

My next part of my capsule wardrobe were leggings, now you either love or hate leggings, personally I love them. I make sure they cover my bum and then I wear them to DEATH. If I have to go without jeans then LEGGINGS are wear it is at for me.

The leggings that I chose are currently off of the website but George always sell fantastic leggings that last a long time. I have linked to the leggings section here -> LEGGINGS 

My next addition was a basic black skirt, because at 39 years old I realised that I do not own a plain black tailored skirt and I really should. luckily George do a rather cool basics range and this skirt was in that range so it was £6 and will last me at least a couple of funerals.

Black Basic Skirt

The other items that I purchased were tights. again, every time I am in Asda or browsing through George online I always throw in a couple of pairs of tights, you can NEVER have too many tights.

I did purchase another jumper dress but I cannot find it anywhere on the website at the moment. I will add a picture of this dress ASAP as I wear it all the time. It is a grey snakeskin style jumper, it is actually too short for me to class it as a dress but I added the skirt and tights and managed to look extremely presentable. I now wear it with jeans. (I couldn't stay away from the jeans)

Last item that I chose was another basic item. A long sleeved black top.

For £4.50 this top has kept its shape extremely well and is a staple part of my wardrobe now. You can find that here > George long sleeved black top

Again, I apologise for the lack of photos and the time it has taken me to get this post up. I did complete the #StyleYOUniform challenge and really enjoyed taking part. while I am not cured of my addiction to denim, I think it has definitely made me think about extending my "casual" wardrobe so that jeans aren't always the first thing I reach for on a daily basis.

Are you a jeans wearer like me? Do you struggle to find other things to wear on a daily basis?

PS, if you ARE a wearer of jeans, check out the George Jeans, I am a huge fan of their skinny jeans.

George At Asda Jeans

Let me know.

*Items were provided by George at Asda for review purposes. 


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Shutter Day

Carousel horse

light trace of cars

Millennium Square leeds with christmas tree

Advent Calendar and treats from Direct Line

Which is your favourite this week?


Friday, 4 December 2015

Nom or Vom?

Ok so this week's Nom or Vom was going to be Ben Whishaw, there is definitely something sexy about his intelligence, but then, the Batman V Superman trailer was released.


I now have a new crush, (Sorry Olivia Wilde) this week's Nom or Vom HAD to be,

Gal Godot. 

(I think I love her) 

She is passionate about having strong women characters in films and I have HIGH, HIGH hopes for her portrayal as Wonder Woman being a GREAT stand-alone character, not just window dressing or as a love interest.

She is amazing, isn't she?

So what do we think?

Gal Godot, NOM OR VOM?

Let me know.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hotel Chocolat - Shopping Day Discount

I am a huge fan of Hotel Chocolat, my idea of a perfect night is a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates and curling up on the sofa with a good film. There is something luxurious about a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, don't you agree?

I was recently sent a box from their range to review. (It is a hard job, but someone has to do it) 

This is the Everything Sleekster box. you can purchase it online and in store for £22 here. and it is AMAZING.

No, you cannot have one, YES, they are all gone.

and TODAY ONLY, Hotel Chocolat are offering 15% off, both instore and online with the code HOHO.

GET SHOPPING ASAP, you can find their Christmas gift range HERE

Are you a Hotel Chocolat fan? What is your favourite?

Let me know.


Tattooed Eyeliner at Karen Betts

There are people out there that can DO eyeliner, (and I'm not even talking perfect flicks here, I'm talking straight lines) and then there are people that cannot.

I fall in the cannot, category. I am the sort of person that Alice Cooper would come to for tips. Up until now the best eyeliner advice I could give you would to be hire your own MUA.


Because now, I have tattooed eyeliner. BOOM. there will be no more sobbing over wonky eyeliner for me. No more sneezing half way through the perfect cats eye and RUINING my hard work. I can just GO. My eyeliner is pretty damn perfect.

I know that when I was booked in for this treatment, a LOT of people were saying, "Oh god, no. I couldn't have my eyes tattooed" and I get that completely.

But I want to tell you a secret. IT DOESN'T HURT. If you have tattoos, then you know that after a while you feel every tiny movement of the needles and as I have tattoos myself, I was genuinely expecting to have to brace myself for some pain, but there wasn't any pain from the needles at all. What it actually felt like was an electric toothbrush gently vibrating on my eyelids, there was no pain and the only discomfort I felt was from where Vikki was wiping away excess ink as she worked.

I visited the Karen Betts team at Nouveau Hair and Beauty in South Elmsall, but Karen also has clinics in Harley St as well as Cheadle Hulme. You can find more details here.

The permanent make up artist that I worked with was Vikki Banton who was superb. Before touching me with a needle she spent a LOT of time drawing on the eyeliner to make sure we got the perfect shape, she removed it and reapplied many, many times until we got it exactly how I wanted it and I felt extremely comfortable each time asking her to try something different or say that it wasn't right. not once did I feel Vikki was impatient or getting annoyed with my indecision, she understood that it had to be right and put me at ease very very quickly.

tattooed eyeliner black and white picture

In the top left picture, Vikki is going through the whole procedure with me. Obviously as this is permanent make-up that will last, it is not just something they slap on your face. a lot of time is spent going through what will happen and how it works.

Top right, Vikki is drawing on the liner to show the effect and help up decide what shape I want. I had looked at the website beforehand and taken picture in, showing the sort of look I was after. I have gone for quite a subtle look. I can always emphasis my eyes on nights out to give that extra OOMPH if I need to.

Bottom left, as you can see. Hygiene practices are strictly adhered to. This is not your local hairdresser offering you treatments in her back room. This is professionals at work. Everything was sterilised, or disposed in front of me. I felt completely at ease with the standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Bottom right. My new eyeliner. After you have had your eyeliner, you have to go back after 4-6 weeks to have it retouched. Eyes can reject the ink, or there can be patches that need going over. I will update this post when I have been back to have the retouch completed. I have a small patch under my right eye which will need going over again, but this was explained fully to me in my consultation and I was expecting it to happen. For a couple of days after the treatment, my eyelids were puffy and sore but again, I was expecting this to happen and a few days later it went down and I could just carry on as normal.

tattooed eyeliner

eyeliner procedure

This is what I look like NOW, without any make up on.

It makes a change to not care at all about eyeliner, my eyes always look extremely small without eyeliner so even if I wear nothing else I used to apply eyeliner. Now I don't even think about it. Out I go, scaring small children with my bare face.

Or if I am going out, I can just emphasis the eyeliner more, like this.

big fashionista with blue hair

If you want to find out more about permanent make up, check out the Karen Betts website here

Or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will be happy to answer them. I will also update this post again once I have had the liner touched up and will be adding more pictures ASAP.

Disclaimer, this treatment was given for review purposes. All words are, as always, my own honest opinion. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fat Shaming? Shame On YOU

So by now we have all heard of Overweight Haters Ltd? Idiot or idiots, (I actually am kind of assuming that it is one person here) that have been handing out cards on the tube telling people that they are fat.

So let us break this down for a second, SOMEONE took the time out of their busy schedule to create this card.

I am going to start at the very beginning of this card.

"Our organisation"

Quite frankly, I doubt that this is an organisation. How on earth do you meet fellow fat haters who loathe themselves so much that they have to lash out at others? Is there like a Tinder for arseholes out there so that they can swipe whatever way they have to swipe to hook up and then create a supergroup of arseholes?

Let me guess what happened. One day, when they were trying to work out what was wrong with their sad, sorry lives and discover why they are alone in the world without someone to love them, suddenly they looked up and saw someone who is living their lives, being kissed by a real life person, someone with confidence and it just so happens, that they are fat.

and they watched, and THEY HATED IT.

So instead of becoming less of an arsehole and making themselves loveable, instead it is the fat persons fault. (side note, yes, I use the word fat, not curvy, not rounded, fat. It is not a bad word. It is only when it is used as an insult that it is not needed) They turn their loathing outwards.

Finally these fuckers have a purpose, and their purpose is NOT to "help" people, to make people lose weight, or to educate people on what they eat. (which is nobody's business but the person who is eating anyway) but instead they want to make people FEEL BAD.

They want people to hate themselves as much as they do. This person/people is an emotional vampire. Sucking other peoples energy and using it to fuel their own hate. They want to hurt people, people they don't even know. WHO EVEN DOES THAT?

Do I pity them? No. There are enough bad things going on in the world at the moment and people are rising up against it and being forces for good. Instead, these people chose to hurt others, and they ARE hurting people, instead of doing shit like this, people should do GOOD things for others, tell someone they look great. give someone a seat on the train. God knows The London Underground is hell on earth at the best of times, throw in an arsehole with a bunch of fat-hating cards and it is worse than hell. IT'S THE NORTHERN LINE.

So dear Overweight Haters Ltd.

If anyone is the ugly human here, it is you.

And if you ever want to come to Leeds and hand me one of those cards, I look forward to meeting you, and using your rectum as a letterbox.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How To Up Your Blogging Game

Now I know you probably see a lot of these posts each week, but this is the only one you need to really up your blogging game, so stick your coloured hair up in a top knot, do a time check with your Michael Kors watch, stick your tongue in your cheek and buckle up bitches, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

black and white pic of essential blogging kit

Firstly, let us up your hits. The BEST way to do this is to be controversial about a really big blogger. Now I'm not saying insult Zoella's dog or anything, (Don't be a fucking monster) but subtly tweet some shade about someone with a lot of followers, wait for some one to disagree and then BANG, your hits will go up. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, someone else will blog about the disagreement and link to your blog. WHOSE DA IS RISING NOW BABEZ? 

So you have upped your hits, well done. But todays controversy is soon forgotten, bloggers can get over petty squabbles so easily, HOW ANNOYING, right? Now you don't want to get yourself a reputation as a trouble maker just yet so the best thing you can do right now to up your blogging game is SPAM the #PRRequest hashtag. I mean every half an hour or so and do it hard. (Don't forget to add PR Friendly to your bio, otherwise how else will PR's know that you are friendly? You could be missing out. In fact, if you DON'T have PR friendly in your bio, THAT is why everyone else is getting all the invites and gifts and review opportunities, it is the ONLY explanation) Whilst you are spamming the #PRRequest hashtag, don't forget to throw in a sob story every now and then. PR's LOVE that shit. All they ever look for is a sob story. FACT.

Another way to raise your blogging game is to get a little dog, or a cat, or a hamster. Get a stuffed toy for all I care, just get SOMETHING to make your Instagram more attractive. Even the best selfie-laden Instagram gets boring after a while, (You are adding ALL the hashtags to Instagram posts, right? Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING?) STICK A PEONY on the aforementioned animal and your followers will come flocking. Stick the peony covered animal in a COPPER JAR and MY GOD YOU WILL BE INSTAGRAM ROYALTY. 

But Kellie, I hear you ask, "what about our content? Should we work on that too?" and the answer is no. Don't worry about that. No-one else does. HONEST. Blogging isn't hard work. it is just FUN, SEO, DSLR, DA, PA. THESE ARE SENT TO CONFUSE YOU. People should just appreciate you, coz you are you, ok?

Now the last piece of advice I can give you to REALLY up your blogging game is, to leave blogging and denounce social media as BAD. No no, don't panic, you don't REALLY have to leave. Just say you are going to, then everyone will beg you to stay and you will feel great. Try to do this at least once a month to really make people appreciate you and stroke your ego. Feels good doesn't it?

So now you are a big blogger, you have made it with my easy steps..........

Your dog is ugly.

So do you have any more (tongue-in-cheek) tips to raise your blogging game?

Let me know.

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