Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fat Shaming? Shame On YOU

So by now we have all heard of Overweight Haters Ltd? Idiot or idiots, (I actually am kind of assuming that it is one person here) that have been handing out cards on the tube telling people that they are fat.

So let us break this down for a second, SOMEONE took the time out of their busy schedule to create this card.

I am going to start at the very beginning of this card.

"Our organisation"

Quite frankly, I doubt that this is an organisation. How on earth do you meet fellow fat haters who loathe themselves so much that they have to lash out at others? Is there like a Tinder for arseholes out there so that they can swipe whatever way they have to swipe to hook up and then create a supergroup of arseholes?

Let me guess what happened. One day, when they were trying to work out what was wrong with their sad, sorry lives and discover why they are alone in the world without someone to love them, suddenly they looked up and saw someone who is living their lives, being kissed by a real life person, someone with confidence and it just so happens, that they are fat.

and they watched, and THEY HATED IT.

So instead of becoming less of an arsehole and making themselves loveable, instead it is the fat persons fault. (side note, yes, I use the word fat, not curvy, not rounded, fat. It is not a bad word. It is only when it is used as an insult that it is not needed) They turn their loathing outwards.

Finally these fuckers have a purpose, and their purpose is NOT to "help" people, to make people lose weight, or to educate people on what they eat. (which is nobody's business but the person who is eating anyway) but instead they want to make people FEEL BAD.

They want people to hate themselves as much as they do. This person/people is an emotional vampire. Sucking other peoples energy and using it to fuel their own hate. They want to hurt people, people they don't even know. WHO EVEN DOES THAT?

Do I pity them? No. There are enough bad things going on in the world at the moment and people are rising up against it and being forces for good. Instead, these people chose to hurt others, and they ARE hurting people, instead of doing shit like this, people should do GOOD things for others, tell someone they look great. give someone a seat on the train. God knows The London Underground is hell on earth at the best of times, throw in an arsehole with a bunch of fat-hating cards and it is worse than hell. IT'S THE NORTHERN LINE.

So dear Overweight Haters Ltd.

If anyone is the ugly human here, it is you.

And if you ever want to come to Leeds and hand me one of those cards, I look forward to meeting you, and using your rectum as a letterbox.



  1. I can't find the words to describe my loathing of these people, the thought of anyone who is possibly already suffering low self esteem being bought to tears by them, just makes my blood boil, I hope next time they time it wrong and the door closes, they'll have some explaining to do, also I notice it's only overweight WOMEN they are targeting. Cowards

  2. Excellent post babe. This person (people?) are most definitely a sad, sad example of a human. It's been so good to see an uprising of positivity to combat their hate. Did you see the 'you look great' posts and the positive cards people are handing out? I think that's wonderful.

    We should all make the time to give at least one compliment a day - all it takes is a few words to make someone feel miles better about themselves - and that's always going to be a good thing x

  3. Why are people SO mean.
    Obviously they have not watched enough cat videos in their life.

  4. This drives me up the walls, what is so wrong in someone's life that they have to take it upon themselves to do something like this? Firstly, there's no "our organisation" - stop trying to make yourself feel popular, it's one wanker with a printer. There's no big gang. It's a loser. The actual effort to purposely make someone feel shit - serious, serious issues. This is the equivalent of writing "I hate you" aged six. There's nothing productive even in it. It's ridiculous. I don't CARE what other people look like. Why the hell would I? What difference does it make to me?! Unless you're coming in taking my food out of my fridge, why would I care what anyone else eats? It's just a supreme waste of time and energy. Think of all the good someone could do with that much free time. Seriously. Absolute arsehole. I object to the waste of paper, the waste of ink, and the additional litter.

  5. Perfectly put girl. I have to say it is such a sorry excuse of a human being to go out of their daily business to purposely upset someone. T W A T S.
    Bee xxx


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