Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#StyleYOUniform with George at Asda

This post is full of apologies. In this case. I am sorry because I really messed this one up.

A while ago, George at Asda asked if I would like to get involved in their #StyleYOUniform challenge. I LIVE in my jeans and the brief was too spend 5 days without wearing jeans.

I got a budget to spend at George and had to create a capsule wardrobe that would get me through 5 days without slipping into my old faithful jeans.

Now being a HUGE George fan, I quickly found some items to wear and EMBRACED the challenge head on.

I quickly realised that the REASON I wear jeans each day is because I walk the dog every morning through fields and through paths that are overgrown with nettles and sharp pointy sticks that scratch me at every opportunity.

This is the CLEAR PART. Gotta love the countryside, right?

But I persevered, and I took pictures of my outfits each day.

and I MEANT to get the post scheduled....... but things kept getting in the way, (as life invariably does)

and then I managed to delete the pictures. I AM A NIGHTMARE BLOGGER.

What I am going to do, is list out the items that I used to create my capsule wardrobe, and then I am going to add pictures to this post every time I wear them as, because they are George I am wearing them constantly and they still look good.

The first item I chose was this EPIC Jumper.

Now I don't own a christmas jumper yet but this is the next best thing. A FOX jumper dress WITH SEQUINS. what is not to love. I teamed this with leggings one day, and then just a plain black skirt another day with a pair of tights and big chunky boots.

You can purchase the fox jumper HERE -> Fox Jumper from George at Asda and it was only £18 so not only will it make a fantastic winter jumper dress you can wear it xmas day to shut people up about wearing an xmas jumper.

My next part of my capsule wardrobe were leggings, now you either love or hate leggings, personally I love them. I make sure they cover my bum and then I wear them to DEATH. If I have to go without jeans then LEGGINGS are wear it is at for me.

The leggings that I chose are currently off of the website but George always sell fantastic leggings that last a long time. I have linked to the leggings section here -> LEGGINGS 

My next addition was a basic black skirt, because at 39 years old I realised that I do not own a plain black tailored skirt and I really should. luckily George do a rather cool basics range and this skirt was in that range so it was £6 and will last me at least a couple of funerals.

Black Basic Skirt

The other items that I purchased were tights. again, every time I am in Asda or browsing through George online I always throw in a couple of pairs of tights, you can NEVER have too many tights.

I did purchase another jumper dress but I cannot find it anywhere on the website at the moment. I will add a picture of this dress ASAP as I wear it all the time. It is a grey snakeskin style jumper, it is actually too short for me to class it as a dress but I added the skirt and tights and managed to look extremely presentable. I now wear it with jeans. (I couldn't stay away from the jeans)

Last item that I chose was another basic item. A long sleeved black top.

For £4.50 this top has kept its shape extremely well and is a staple part of my wardrobe now. You can find that here > George long sleeved black top

Again, I apologise for the lack of photos and the time it has taken me to get this post up. I did complete the #StyleYOUniform challenge and really enjoyed taking part. while I am not cured of my addiction to denim, I think it has definitely made me think about extending my "casual" wardrobe so that jeans aren't always the first thing I reach for on a daily basis.

Are you a jeans wearer like me? Do you struggle to find other things to wear on a daily basis?

PS, if you ARE a wearer of jeans, check out the George Jeans, I am a huge fan of their skinny jeans.

George At Asda Jeans

Let me know.

*Items were provided by George at Asda for review purposes. 


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  1. All I ever wear is jeans!
    Shirts and jeans make up most of my wardrobe and some floral things!
    The fox jumper dress looks amazing!


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