Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tattooed Eyeliner at Karen Betts

There are people out there that can DO eyeliner, (and I'm not even talking perfect flicks here, I'm talking straight lines) and then there are people that cannot.

I fall in the cannot, category. I am the sort of person that Alice Cooper would come to for tips. Up until now the best eyeliner advice I could give you would to be hire your own MUA.


Because now, I have tattooed eyeliner. BOOM. there will be no more sobbing over wonky eyeliner for me. No more sneezing half way through the perfect cats eye and RUINING my hard work. I can just GO. My eyeliner is pretty damn perfect.

I know that when I was booked in for this treatment, a LOT of people were saying, "Oh god, no. I couldn't have my eyes tattooed" and I get that completely.

But I want to tell you a secret. IT DOESN'T HURT. If you have tattoos, then you know that after a while you feel every tiny movement of the needles and as I have tattoos myself, I was genuinely expecting to have to brace myself for some pain, but there wasn't any pain from the needles at all. What it actually felt like was an electric toothbrush gently vibrating on my eyelids, there was no pain and the only discomfort I felt was from where Vikki was wiping away excess ink as she worked.

I visited the Karen Betts team at Nouveau Hair and Beauty in South Elmsall, but Karen also has clinics in Harley St as well as Cheadle Hulme. You can find more details here.

The permanent make up artist that I worked with was Vikki Banton who was superb. Before touching me with a needle she spent a LOT of time drawing on the eyeliner to make sure we got the perfect shape, she removed it and reapplied many, many times until we got it exactly how I wanted it and I felt extremely comfortable each time asking her to try something different or say that it wasn't right. not once did I feel Vikki was impatient or getting annoyed with my indecision, she understood that it had to be right and put me at ease very very quickly.

tattooed eyeliner black and white picture

In the top left picture, Vikki is going through the whole procedure with me. Obviously as this is permanent make-up that will last, it is not just something they slap on your face. a lot of time is spent going through what will happen and how it works.

Top right, Vikki is drawing on the liner to show the effect and help up decide what shape I want. I had looked at the website beforehand and taken picture in, showing the sort of look I was after. I have gone for quite a subtle look. I can always emphasis my eyes on nights out to give that extra OOMPH if I need to.

Bottom left, as you can see. Hygiene practices are strictly adhered to. This is not your local hairdresser offering you treatments in her back room. This is professionals at work. Everything was sterilised, or disposed in front of me. I felt completely at ease with the standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Bottom right. My new eyeliner. After you have had your eyeliner, you have to go back after 4-6 weeks to have it retouched. Eyes can reject the ink, or there can be patches that need going over. I will update this post when I have been back to have the retouch completed. I have a small patch under my right eye which will need going over again, but this was explained fully to me in my consultation and I was expecting it to happen. For a couple of days after the treatment, my eyelids were puffy and sore but again, I was expecting this to happen and a few days later it went down and I could just carry on as normal.

tattooed eyeliner

eyeliner procedure

This is what I look like NOW, without any make up on.

It makes a change to not care at all about eyeliner, my eyes always look extremely small without eyeliner so even if I wear nothing else I used to apply eyeliner. Now I don't even think about it. Out I go, scaring small children with my bare face.

Or if I am going out, I can just emphasis the eyeliner more, like this.

big fashionista with blue hair

If you want to find out more about permanent make up, check out the Karen Betts website here

Or if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will be happy to answer them. I will also update this post again once I have had the liner touched up and will be adding more pictures ASAP.

Disclaimer, this treatment was given for review purposes. All words are, as always, my own honest opinion. 


  1. Aww this looks amazing K! I've wanted to get my eyeliner tattooed for a long time but so far I have never found the perfect clinic near me. Yours looks fab, I'm envious! Xox

  2. This looks amazing but it scares me so much ahaha i would have thought it would hurt so much!

  3. This looks fantastic! I can really see the temptation of not having to story about wearing eyeliner everyday. I wish they could do the same for mascara actually as I look awful without mascara. Is it permanent, permanent or last about 5 years or so?


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