Thursday, 17 December 2015

This Is Not An Open Letter

This is not an open letter. This is a blog post, and as we are about to see out 2015 and start a new year, can I PLEASE add open letters to the list of things that we leave in 2015 and never refer to again. (I would also like to add the X Factor to this list as well please) 

Seriously, the popularity of open letters has spread so far and wide this year that it now needs to be stopped immediately before it gets out of hand. Most of the time, an open letter is created for no other reason than to go viral, or to shame Taylor Swift. The next time I see the words open letter and Taylor Swift in the same sentence I am going to burn down the internet, OKAY?

Open letters used to serve a purpose, they were a way of getting your message heard, but let's be honest here, an open letter is not about getting your message to the person to whom the open letter is addressed, it is about getting it out there to EVERYONE, every bugger has to read it, then it will be reshared by Buzzfeed, The Metro, probably the Daily Mail and everyone on social media. for two days you will not be able to SHIT without reading the open letter, then just as it all dies down. The person to whom the letter was written will respond, USUALLY IN OPEN LETTER FORMAT, everyone will share that. Buzzfeed will probably make a list of ten things in the open letter that they love, AND THE WHOLE THING STARTS UP AGAIN. People will be arguing over who is in the right and who is in the wrong and then three days later it is forgotten, until SOMEONE ELSE writes another open letter.


How about we leave open letters in 2015? How about we DON'T bring them into 2016 with us. I for one would be a happy chick about this, don't you agree?

If you don't, for the love of God, please don't write me an open letter about it, I will not be happy.



  1. Couldn't agree more! (And about bloody X Factor, I've always hated those type of TV shows). X

  2. Not sure what fills me with most dread, the words 'open letter' or 'jazz prog fusion'.


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