Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Body Shaming and Clothing Companies

Welcome to the year 2016 where companies STILL think that the way to get us to buy their clothes is to make us feel so disgusted by ourselves we have no option but to buy pretty dresses to make us feel better.


Ain't going to happen. Listen up clothing companies, I do not care if for eleven months of the year you spend your time building up women, urging them to love themselves, take care of themselves, OWN THE FUCKING BODY they are in, if you spend January trying to get people to "Violently contour their double chin" then you are a DICK. You are a dick of epic proportion, you are SO MUCH OF A DICK that if you are going to violently contour anything, it should be your dickness.

I do not want clothing companies to decide what body I should or shouldn't have. It isn't their issue/problem/GODDAMN RIGHT, to interfere and become the body police, in the same way as clothing companies do not get to decide whether something is flattering on me, or whether I should dress demurely. IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. 

So clothing companies that decide to body shame this January, (Or February, March, or any goddamn month of the year) be aware, we are WISE to your ways, there are people out there that make clothes for me to put on my body who do not care if I ate my own bodyweight in cheese (No regrets) this christmas. They just care about making clothes.

They stay in their lane, which is to make the clothes and take the money which I choose where I spend, wisely.

Tell me once more to contour my chin, start my diet tomorrow or hide under a cape because it is flattering, so help me God, I will never, ever spend my money with you again, and face it. There are a LOT of women out there, of ALL sizes, who feel the same. WE WILL NOT BE SHAMED INTO BUYING YOUR CLOTHES.

How do we all feel about this? Are YOU fed up of clothing companies this January?

Let me know.



  1. I'm so glad to see this post as I'm so sick of bad social media by companies trying to market to plus size women (cough S&J).

    Also, I'm sick of highstreet fashion brands trying to sell their poor excuses for sportswear to women who are jumping on the New Year, New Me hype. Do they not appreciate how dangerous it is to market flimsy fashion plimsolls as trainers to run in? (I've seen a video on Instagram posted by a brand showing a model running in their 'sportswear', promoting fitness in the new year). These brands feed on the vulnerability of women who feel intimidated by sports shops to sell products that will do more harm than good.


    I'm sick of irresponsible social media.

  2. I've had SO MUCH of this I'm done. I'm making a list of brands who have shamed, and what they've done to rectify it - http://www.misskathrynsmisstakes.co.uk/2015/10/shaming-body-shaming.html this post wasn't enough.

    It's going to be a tab on my blog, and will be updated every time another brand tries to shame their customers.

    It's done wonders for my spending mind! :D

  3. I totally agree with you Kelly. I am also sat here wondering how the hell a piece of clothing can contour a chin?????

  4. I have been watching the goings on of various clothing brands with a mixture of astonishment and despair this week, and they need to understand that I vote with my feet on these matters and if you are a brand that post body shaming things, I will stop buying from you. Part of my journey with myself is to respect myself enough to only shop with brands who respect me.

    I'm glad to see so many blogs popping up about this, because your voices work. People hear you and hopefully start to internalise the message that they deserve better treatment from the brands they support.

  5. It's usually the more 'quirky' type of clothing brand that post a ton of these photos are the brands I tend to ignore. Yes -some- of the photos they post might be funny but it isn't half humiliating when they post a ton of fat shaming "funny" photos. I'm not thin nor am I plus size. I'm that middle man who finds it awkward when buying clothes because nothing seems to be tailored to my body shape. I agree, I am fed up with them.

    Laura | www.laurahadley.co.uk ♥


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