Monday, 18 January 2016

Cassandra'ing your Selfie

I LOVE A GOOD SELFIE, I have mentioned many times that I am a huge fan of people taking pictures of themselves. You felt your look and you felt SO DAMN good that you wanted to take a picture. Whether it is to commemorate your look or to share with others, I don't care about the mentality behind it, I just love that people have that confidence, in that moment, to take the picture.

HOWEVER, lately, I have noticed an alarming trend in "Cassandra'ing" pictures.

If you have just sat there and thought, ???????????? then let me explain.

This is Cassandra, from Dr Who,

Recognise her look? You may have seen similar on Instagram recently, I know I have.

Absolutely NO features, no colour and no LIFE, just a flat image that looks nothing like the person in the picture. You can't see anything of the person, they look a little like a plastic doll. I really don't understand why people do it. Oh and a little side note, NOBODY HAS EYES THAT WHITE.

Have you seen more and more people Cassandra'ing their selfies?

What do you think of it?

Harmless or slightly creepy?

Let me know.



  1. Creepy / hilarious. Same goes for the brightening/fading of images til they're stark and devoid of colour. I love a filter. Who doesn't? But this would be better buried. Along with wooden effect wallpaper. (Seriously, guys, just stop).

  2. Really creepy! Don't get me wrong, a filter here and there can do wonderful things but this takes it to a whole new hilarious level. A friend of mine has just had a baby and posts selfie after selfie using one of these strange blurring apps. They look like aliens! I'd rather see her with an eye bag or three and her baby as she really looks thanks it's just weird!

  3. Definitely creepy, what is wrong with these people?

  4. that picture is amazing! hahaha x

  5. I find it so interesting because I use Photoshop professionally. When you first learn to retouch your first instinct is to do this and blur the fudge out of everything. They let you get that out of your system and then they teach you to tone it down and NEVER do that again. It becomes the shameful mark of an amateur. Now it's popular and I'm over here like "hey, that's not how this works!". Having said that,I understand the pressure some people feel to always look perfect :(

  6. I'm definitely guilty of over-filtering my photos but that is VERY intentional - I'm usually going for over-the top over-saturated or totally washed-out dreamy looks. If my selfie is over-processed, it's because I'm trying to be artsy (and failing? Usually?) Realism is overrated. Maybe this is because I had a thing for Monet's in high school? I follow a lot of arty accounts so maybe they're bad influences.


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