Friday, 8 January 2016

Nom or Vom

Happy 2016, everyone. 

It's the first Nom or Vom of 2016 and I wanted to make it a good one. This guy is someone who I watched in a small film recently, I hope it does well, ;D

(Seriously though, anyone else seen Star Wars and cried all the way through it from the sheer emotion of just being there? Or was that just me?)

So this week's Nom or Vom is someone who I didn't even know was in the film, he's signed up for at least one of the follow up films I hear so you can drink your fill of Poe Cameron to your hearts content. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you,

Oscar Isaac. 

What do we think, everyone? 

Oscar Isaac, Nom or Vom?

Let me know. 


  1. Happy 2016! He gets my vote! He's also in the film Drive <3 I have a suggestion for the next one (Pep guardiola)

  2. If you've not seen it, you should treat yourself to Inside Llewyn Davis :D

  3. Yes, a thousand times yes. Loved seeing him in Star Wars, doesn't get any sexier than an awesomely amazing pilot, does it? :)


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