Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pre-Wedding Nightmares

So with EXACTLY 4 months to go until my wedding, I have had my first wedding related dream.

Picture the scene.

It is the day of the wedding, I look down and I am wearing a pink suede dress, (I don't know) I am bare foot, I HAVEN'T shaved my legs and I am pretty sure I smell. My hair isn't done, I am wearing no make up, and then suddenly a coach load of guests, WHO I DON'T KNOW have turned up, all drunk, (Oh hang on, I may know them then) and I am apologising for the lack of chairs at my wedding. All I remember saying in my dream was, "I'm sorry, I thought I had sorted this, I thought I had more time"

and did I mention that my wedding cake was a Pork Pie? (Although I don't think my husband to be would have a problem with that. Perhaps I should check that he hasn't changed the order)

Oh hello, subconscious telling me to get a move on. Thanks for that not-so-subtle kick up the behind to get a move on.

I woke up this morning with a plan to make sure that there is NO pink suede ANYWHERE near my wedding. An urge to double check all the companies have the correct details and an urge to make a table plan.

So brides and bridegrooms, I'm not alone in having this wedding dream, am I? Tell me I am normal (well, normal-ish) and share with me your pre-wedding dreams. It will make me feel a LOT better than I currently am. (PANIC STATIONS.

Let me know.



  1. ugh that sounds like such a nightmare! I'm not even engaged and I've had some terrible wedding nightmares like having a wedding bounced on me and all planned by someone else and being forced to wear a dress I hate and arriving to my wedding in a lorry and no one will tell me what's happening! clearly totally neurotic...!x

  2. Oh you're not alone. I had countless pre-wedding nightmares, most of which I can't remember.

    The one that sticks with me though, was where it was just a normal dream day, I was wandering along doing my dream thing, then my maid of honour pops up OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE ALTAR AN HOUR AGO. Cue horrid lateness nightmare, where I speed to the church in the clothes I'm wearing, get provided with a hideous dress, only to find I have somehow missed my own wedding, the guests are all drunk and the groom has gone home....*sobs*

    1. Oh god. There's going to be more? I don't think I can take it

  3. I'm not planning a wedding but enjoyed this post :) Good luck with the planning and fingers crossed no more bad dreams, lots of love xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  4. Wedding dreams are totally normal! About 2 weeks before our wedding, I had a dream that my husband forgot to wait at the altar, and that all my guests were texting on their mobile phones when I came in. Not saying I wanted to be the centre of attention or anything...!

    Good luck with the rest of the planning - it rushes by so enjoy it. And remember, it will all work out in the end. A month before our wedding, our band dropped out (sadly, this was not a dream), but in the end, we ended up booking a DJ who was FANTASTIC. Everything will be alright on the night! x

  5. It coming up so fast! Anyway, you'll look amazing and you'll have the best wedding because you will make the best of everything!

  6. Not alone at all! I had horrendous nightmares the UK laws changed you had to have a religious ceremony - the priest kept going on about how god put us together and I freaked out and ran out the church during the ceremony cause I couldn't promise to vows I didn't believe. Everyone hated me and no-one would speak to me after. It was traumatic!

    C xx

  7. ERM. I just had to work out if it was really 4 months until me wedding and now I'm FREAKIN' OUT. Wedding nightmares are totally gunna happen tonight.


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