Monday, 25 January 2016

Vaginal Detox? You Know Where You Can Stick That.

We all know that I love a good vagina story. Basically it is an excuse for me to come up with as many different words for your foof as possible.

Last week about 30 people tweeted me about the vaginal detox, now I am hoping that they wanted my opinion on it, rather than thinking that my lady garden needs a detox, (stop smirking at the back)

So I read up a little on this detoxing of your snatch.


Firstly, NO. JUST NO. From what I understand it is like sticking herbal teabags up your muff to restore your vaginal health.

My instant thought was, I am always told that my tea tasted like warm piss anyway, this would just prove it. 

Let us get one thing straight. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DETOX YOUR LOVE TUNNEL. (Don't worry, I shuddered at that one too) 

Your crack does not need detoxing, your womb does not need herbal remedies to restore a feminine balance and you certainly do not need to stick the equivalent of a Glade Air freshener (other brands also available) into your cunt to restore its Chakras.

Your vagina is NOT dirty and it does NOT need a detox, in the same way that it doesn't need deodorising, to be freshened or to be cleansed.

For the love of all things holy, LEAVE your chuff alone.

Now who wants a cup of tea?



  1. If I'm correct, the vagina self-cleans? And doesn't need a detox? In fact, detox could cause bacterial vaginosis? I think? I mean, I'm pretty sure douches are bad enough but these sound like toxic tampons of vaginal doom. Oh no.

  2. Detoxing of the vagina would imbalance the PH level of it. Thus destroying its self cleaning process and then harbours bacteria. I just use water on my nunny, as my consultant told me too :D

  3. This is the first I've heard of it. it's so bad for you trying to 'clean' yourself. it's self cleaning, leave it be!


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