Monday, 1 February 2016

Celebrity (Not) Spotting

Last week I attended a fabulous event at XS Hair in Leeds where I spent the evening having a Cryotherapy facial, sipping Prosecco and having my hair styled. I PROMISE, i will be going into a lot more detail on the Cryotherapy in the coming weeks as I am going to be going back to have more treatments in the future.

But you know how it goes at events and parties? You mingle, you talk business, you chat to various people who you have never met before, and then you go on your merry way.

Which is fab.

Unless you are me, and then what you ACTUALLY DO is, chat to whom you think must be the boyfriend of a member of staff, (he seemed like a nice guy) go on your merry way and then find out via Facebook that he is actually an actor in a soap.

Look, I don't watch soaps so thats my excuse. Apparently this is NOT the boyfriend of one of the members of staff, this is Michael Parr, who plays Ross Barton in Emmerdale. Personally this means nothing to me. I am still none the wiser.

But when I discussed it with friends afterwards, it seemed like EVERYONE had a story of how they had chatted to a celebrity without knowing who they were until afterwards, so I thought, if I share my story. perhaps you could share yours with me.

Have you chatted to a celebrity before without knowing who they are? Shared drinks with a movie star? Bumped into a singer and only realised afterwards?

Let me know,
I want to hear your stories.



  1. I've physically bumped into the lead singer of one of my favourite bands before a gig outside the venue, I had no idea until my friend told me! Proves that they are every day people and don't go around followed by the spotlight all the time, which is nice ;)

  2. I once told footballer of yesteryear Paul Ince that he looked like Paul Ince. Im my defence, he did look a lot like Paul Ince.

  3. I've got a back to front one for you.

    I was out for dinner about ten years ago and a man said: "Excuse me, sorry to bother you but you're her aren't you?" Being a mere mortal I said "Sorry, who?" He said "Oh it is you. I'm sorry to intrude." I look utterly bewildered and say "Sorry, I really don't know who you think I am but I'm nobody." He winks, turns to his wife and says "See, I told you it was her. I knew she'd be like that too: modest and reserved."

    I tried to ask again who he thought I was but he just gave me a knowing look. To this day I have zero clue who he confused me with.

    So you met a celeb you thought was a 'normal person' and he met a 'normal person' he thought was a celeb!

  4. I work in a busy train station and apparently I've spoken to a lot of footballers. I wouldn't have a clue! Its only when colleagues come over and ask 'what was he like' that I have any clue!

  5. Once upon a time (because that's how all stories start) I went to see my friends band support Thunder at Hammersmith apollo. I was proper early so I went to maccy ds for a chicken mcsandwich and a milkshake. This bunch of older dudes at the table next to me started making small talk and I told them where I was going assuming they were attending the Thunder gig too. I had no idea they'd be the ones on stage tho. Well done me.

  6. I used to work at a bookshop in WGC and once served Kim Wilde. She was lovely but I didn't recognise her at all. My colleague (who, it turned out, was a huge fan) was hopping around like an idiot until she left and then explained why afterwards.

  7. I can't take credit for this story but this is one from my parents. Years ago (and I mean YEARS), I was in the audience for Motormouth (Neil Buchanan and Gaby Roslin!) which was filmed in Maidstone. My parents were in the canteen/waiting area and a bunch of scruffy looking men started chatting to mum and dad, winking and joking. Mum told dad to ignore them though dad did try to converse. Then they were called to go to the studio - it was bloody Wet, Wet, Wet and I think they were singing 'Love is all Around'. I later met and interviewed Marti Pellow, apologising for mum not recognising him but I don't think he got the humour behind it.

  8. I was once dealing with the seating at a pre-launch cinema screening and told a man he couldn't sit in that seat as it was reserved for Ralph Fiennes. Yep. You guessed it. That man was Ralph Fiennes. He looked at me with such pity while everyone around him gawped at me like I just fell out of a tree. I was so ashamed I went and hid.

  9. I once went to a British film Screening and I was standing next to an Older guy, who was grunting and mumbling next to me. He said something along the lines of
    "These peanuts yours?" or something like that. I just shook my head and moved away from the man who looked like he had wandered in off the street.
    Turns out, after I was informed by the director of the movie, that the guy was actually Film Legend Steven Berkoff.
    Old School Actor from the 70's and 80's. The Go to bad guy for films like James Bond, Beverley Hills Cop and more.

  10. I asked Kasabian to sign up for their own mailing list, at one of their early gigs. (Before they were 'known'). They had a real huffy 'don't you know who we are' moment. I just laughed and asked them to do it anyway - we were struggling for names. Haha.

  11. I shared a changing room cubicle once with Charlene Spiteri and didnt have a clue who she was x

  12. My Mum saw two men walking towards her and she knew they looked familiar so said hello, they replied and had that chit chat thing you do when you pass someone. She was home before she realised the reason the younger one was so familiar it was Ewan McGregor and I had a poster of him on my wall the older man with him was Dennis Lawson. So she did a double whammy.

  13. This has happened to me, and to be fair I don't know who he is either! Looking forward to hearing more about this face freezing, I want to try!

  14. I once went to a Bowie concert at Wembley and had pretty rubbish seats, we saw a bunch of empty seats near the stage and In-between the support and Bowie decided we would sit in them, on entering we chambered past a bloke and his girlfriend. My friends were whispering but said they would tell us later. On getting thrown out half an hour later I realised it was noel Gallagher and we were in the VIP

  15. My primary/secondary school best friend and I managed to get tickets (name dropping now - through Roy "Say it like you see it" Walker, via Harvey Goldsmith*) to Saturday Wembley Stadium (original) U2 Joshua Tree tour. Her Dad was collecting us from nearby hotel after gig. We walked there - 2 overwhelmed, dazed 18 year olds, after seeing their favourite band. We were sitting, waiting for her Dad, drinking soft drinks, when 4 men walked through bar... Me: "Anna, do we know them?" Anna: "Were they next to us in the crowd?" As 4 men walked chance of meeting them... Me: "Anna,that was U2...that was U2...we just missed them!" AT which point her Dad turned up (brash, ignorant, no shame)"Wait, my girls missed meeting the band - I'll go after them..." Anna and I: "Nooooo!!!" What idiots we were to not recognise them! *Harvey Goldsmith organised most tours/gigs in late '80's, Anna's Dad had contacts with Roy Walker, who knew Harvey Goldsmith - gig was "sold out"...


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