Monday, 8 February 2016

Dick Pics. Men, Don't Be So Cocky

"I wish my inbox was filled with pictures of penises"


You know what? I am sick to the back teeth of having my inbox "penetrated" by penises.  ENOUGH.

Ladies, I am not alone in wondering what on EARTH makes men send pictures of their dick to women that don't even know their name, am I?

I made the mistake of opening my Twitter DM so that anyone can message me if they need to talk,  I now have so many dick pictures that I could create a Hall Of Fame, Shame for dicks.

Monsters Inc

Men who send me dick pics remind me of cats bringing dead animals to my back door. They think they are doing me a favour, and they are ever so proud of their offering, but at the end of the day, it's not useful, it looks quite vile and I really don't want to touch it.

It came as a startling realisation to me one day that men are not sending us pictures of their penis because they are proud of them. It is a way to shock women, to frighten them, in the same way that EVERY wall that is covered in graffiti contains at least ONE crudely drawn penis, it is a shock tactic. You rarely, if ever see a drawing of a vagina on a wall, but cock pictures? EVERYWHERE.

MEN, Keep your dicks where you can see them, not where we can see them, because trust me, we don't want them popping up in our inbox.

Ladies, do you agree? How many times have you received pictures of penises that you haven't requested?

Let me know.



  1. It's an issue. I used to ignore - the holy trinity of report, block, delete. But now I've started replying before that. Favourite responses are "You poor thing". "That doesn't look right, I'd see a doctor about that if I were you". "Awww cute. Just like a penis only smaller". "(Date) Dick number : 5 rating : 2/10 weak". Daisy xx

  2. So far I've been lucky, no dick pics, but I know it's a massive issue for a lot of people. I do wish they'd keep their bits (top & bottom) in their clothes though.

  3. They are disgusting creatures aren't they?

    I don't see how we are supposed to respond. Dicks are a bit comical looking really, a veiny skin tube which blokes seem really proud of showing off. Unsure why really.


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