Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Music Amnesty

Right, Ladies and Gentlemen. I want you to think of this as a SAFE SPACE. There will be NO judgement here. You can speak your mind and unburden yourselves of your deepest, darkest love for cheesy/bad/goddamn awful music here. 

My name is Kellie Brown and I LOVE Nickelback. I do, and I'm not even sorry. I know all the words to Animals, will rock out to Bottoms Up and I DONT CARE. 

Yes, for some this will be enough to make them turn their back upon me, never to look at me again, but I feel FREE. I feel light and I feel GOOD.

This is a music AMNESTY. What bands or songs or singers do you love that people tell you, you shouldn't?

Drop the shame, unburden yourselves in the comments.

Big Fashionista X X X 


  1. I've seen Nickelback live 3 times. In fact, I was listening to How You Remind Me in the car on Sunday. *hugs*

  2. Nickleback FTW! I like a variety of stuff really, for my it's not the band or artist but the song itself. I can love a song or songs by an artist and hate everything else they do! lol!

  3. You know something? I spent three years in university being told my musical taste wasn't cool enough because I didn't have the four track EP by Butt Plug (whatever) who supported Nirvana in Hackensack circa 1989. There shouldn't be a such a thing as a guilty pleasure, if you like something, like the fuck out of it.

  4. I love Atreyu! I went through my teens being told that if I listen to 'emo' music then I should dress as one and not dress 'normally' haha!

  5. ME TOO! I went to see them live and absolutely loved it - totally converted me! AND I'M PROUD.

  6. Nickelback ftw! I'm also not ashamed to admit I still listen to my old Blue, Busted, S Club 7 and Steps CDs. I think life is too short to be ashamed of things you like.

  7. I'm not ashamed by much, I know a lot of the music I listen to is awful. Who dosn't love a dance to aqua!


  8. I am a rock chic who loves Mika and Abba.......there I said it, thanks Kelly ;-)

  9. Yes, yes, yes!

    I'm Holly and I also love Nickelback! I feel so much better now! X

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  10. Ah Nickelback! I used to love them! Well I have to confess that I love Evanescence - am listening to them now! Plus Eminem, David Guetta and Ed Sheeran. But I may also have some Alice Cooper, Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys on my phone, and I'm not even bothered! There - I said it! x


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