Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Parenting Police

Do you ever look at someone parenting their child and think, "Well, that is outrageous, they should not be doing that, that is totally wrong in my eyes and they should not parent their child that way, they should parent their child in the same way that I do" ?

Then this post is not for you, because I am GODDAMN SICK AND TIRED of people judging other people's parenting skills, comparing them to their own and then finding them lacking in some way or another. 

The reason behind this rant? (Yes, I have a reason, hear me out) Coleen Rooney is facing criticism for leaving her newborn baby behind and jetting off to Italy with her 6 year old son in the half-term. 

Now, let's be honest here, it isn't like she left her children in an unlocked hotel room is it? She left them with THEIR FATHER, who I am sure is more than capable. She also had the grandparents on call. She didn't hand her crotchfruit over to babysitters and swan off on a girlie holiday and you know what?  EVEN IF SHE DID EXACTLY THAT, isn't it down to her to parent her own children? She isn't harming them, abusing them or making poor judgement calls. She has three children, trust me when I tell you it is difficult with three children to spend quality time with each child and if I had the funds, the time and quite frankly could be arsed, I would like to see different parts of the world with different children. 

What I never understand is some parents overwhelming desire to make themselves feel better by challenging other parents choices. "Oh I would NEVER leave little Flo-Jo/Kanye/Joey at that age"

Well good for you. Round of applause, let me give you the No1 Parent sticker you so obviously crave. 

Why cannot we all make different choices? Why does someone's parenting choices have to be better or worse than someone else's? 

Why can't Coleen Rooney take me to Rome? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X 

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  1. Does anyone bat an eyelid when the men go away right after the child is born? No but mothers are supposed to be saints, that's what gets me!



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