Monday, 22 February 2016

Selfie In The Sea

So the search for the perfect selfie continues for the many. Over the last week I was upset to read about beach goers pulling a baby dolphin from the sea to have their picture taken with it, and then over the weekend, another story emerged about someone pulling a small shark out onto the beach to take the "ultimate selfie"

Listen up you wankpuffins, if you want the ultimate selfie, get in the sea. Swim right up to that Great White and ask it to say cheese. 

No? You don't fancy that? Then leave the creatures alone. You don't get to drag animals out of the sea to take your pictures, you go to them, and if it's too dangerous to go to them, then you don't get your pictures. They are the RULES. 

What the hell are people going to do with these pictures anyway? A selfie with a dead baby dolphin is not exactly going to be your highest liked picture on Instagram, you spunk nugget. No-one wants to see a dead dolphin in your pics, and I don't give a SHIT what filter you use. 

You want a picture with a beautiful creature? The beautiful creature does not want to be pulled from its natural habitat to have its picture taken with some one so ugly on the inside that it is willing to risk the life of its photographic subject. 

Want the picture? 

To borrow a well known phrase doing the rounds, 

Get In The Sea. 

What are your thoughts on the dolphin selfies, and the latest news that someone tried to take their picture with a small shark-like fish, 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X X  



  1. Preach it sister. It made my heart bleed to see that baby dolphin pulled from the water & just left their to die. Humans should be compassionate but it seems that we are failing in that area!
    Bee xxx

  2. I felt ashamed to be human after reading about that poor dolphin. I felt pain for it's mum too. We are evil scumbags :( J

  3. oh my god, I haven't seen this in the news or anything but that is so awful. What horrid, thoughtless people to do things like that :(

  4. I have read since that the dolphin was already dead after being washed up on the beach. Whether that is true I don't know. Even if it was, that's just so disrespectful. Just infuriates me that people think animals are there for our pleasure.

  5. Well said!

    I saw this last week and was totally disgusted. Some people are just cruel and I can't believe they would go to that length just for likes on their selfies... Leave the poor creature in it's own habitat!

    If this is the way the world is going, please can I get off now?

    Kate xx


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