Thursday, 4 February 2016

What Were You Wearing, Roosh V?

So it seems that the self-professed king of pick-up artists Daryush Valizadeh, otherwise known as knob, wanker, tosser, Roosh-V has cancelled his "meetings" across the world as he cannot guarantee the safety or privacy of its attendees.

Let that just sink in for a second,

The man who lists, STOP ASKING PERMISSION, as one of his top pick up tips, cannot guarantee the SAFETY of the men who attend.

Excuse me while I mop up the tears, which I have not yet shed, for this man and his followers.

This man does not care about the safety of women, he teaches other men not to care about the safety of women, and yet when the tables are turned? He bleats that his rights are being violated.

Get the fuck out.


Perhaps, if only for a second, this man and his followers are now feeling just a fraction of the fear that women can and DO feel when they are on the receiving end of unwelcome advances. We run that gauntlet wherever we go. popping to the shops, walking down the street, pushing a buggy, there is no sanctuary from unwelcome advances.

Perhaps someone should ask Roosh-V what he was wearing when he started to feel unsafe.

Perhaps he brought it on himself?


How much had you had to drink, Mr Roosh?

Are you SURE you wanted to cancel? Did YOU SAY the words clearly?

Because these are the words that women hear every time an assault happens.

NO-ONE WANTS YOU HERE, we are GLAD you have cancelled your plans, and if you rearrange them, WE WILL tell you again and again that you are not welcome here.




  1. Literally vocalising my thoughts and feelings. Bravo.

  2. HAHA OMG I LOVE THIS! This guy thinks Man's Right to Sex > Women's Right to Safety? I'm glad he feels "unsafe!"

  3. *claps* this is why I love you!


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