Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wedding Wednesday, Let's Talk Make Up

It is safe to say that I cannot "DO" make-up. Sure, I can cover myself in foundation, slick on some lipstick and put mascara on my lashes but that other stuff? Nope.

That thing you do to make it look as if you have cheek bones? No, I cannot do that. and that white stuff, to highlight bits, I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHERE YOU PUT THAT.

I do not even own a lipliner.

I would say that I have the make-up skills of a 14 yr old girl, but those girls have STRONG skills these days. I am in AWE of teenage girls contouring skills. I do not dooooooooo make up.

Therefore, for my big day. I have hired a MUA, and it will be the best money I have ever spent.

Yes, I understand that for some people, hiring someone to do your make up is just not something you can add to the budget. Some people have MAD SKILLS and do not need a MUA, but for me, it is a way of making me feel even more special on my big day.

By hiring a make-up artist for my wedding, I know that my make-up will also last much longer than if I apply it and be a million times better than I could ever do.

Last Saturday I actually had my make up trial and I LOVED the whole look. I actually booked my make up trial for the same day as my pre-wedding shoot with my wedding photographer. Well if I'm going to be having awesome make up on, I might as well get some great shots too, right?

Don't be scared to tell your MUA exactly what you are looking for, and also if you don't like what they have done, ask them to change it. It is your big day, you don't want to be sobbing uncontrollably down the aisle because your lipstick is shit, do you?

Want to see my wedding make-up look?

Originally I had a very nude lip, but it did me no favours so we changed to more of a pink lip, the eyes are quite a glamorous smoky look, with false lashes that I adore but can not do myself.

For me, hiring an MUA was an easy decision, What would you do for your wedding? Or what DID YOU do?

Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. You look so gorgeous in the photos you post, not that you don't normally eh ;) I think an MUA is a brilliant idea, the less stress and less dodgy liner wing, or too much blush, the better I say! I am also crap at make up, and I am starting to think there may have been some lessons in school where it was taught and I blacked out for it! Don't even try let me explain a smokey eye :/ Great post!

  2. You look beautiful, my eldest is a MUA so I would have her do my make up, she always tells her clients to be brutally honest with her because as she says "if they're not happy then I'm not happy" and I think it's the best way to be, she would be so upset if any of her clients hated their make up, some brides say they don't want a trial but she always recommends it because it takes a lot of stress out of the day for both of you and you know how long it will last etc etc, she also gives the bride a little pot of the lipstick colour and a disposable brush because lipstick inevitably comes off at some point. I think having your make up done adds to the day too, it's a treat and nice to be pampered on your big day :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. You look amazing! A beautiful, more polished version of yourself which is exactly how I think a bride should look. I do want an mua, though the more I investigate my local options the more I think I might just have a crack at it myself. I am thinking of having a MAC lesson first though because hey, I wouldn't climb a mountain without ropes. Or something ;) J x

  4. I am having my makeup done by a MUA on the 'big day'. Like you I cannot apply makeup to that sort of standard and it would simply stress me out if it went wrong! There are some things you should definitely hire a professional for and this is one of them!

  5. I'd hire a MUA too, I love make-up and I watch A LOT of make-up videos, but I suck at it! lol!
    You look so gorgeous!

  6. Oh, this looks so fantastic on you! You must be getting super excited now!

    I'm not particularly adept at make-up but I chose to do my own for my wedding. I had a really disastrous make-up trial where I showed her loads of photos of make-up looks I like (super natural with barely-there eyeshadow and soft colours) and she ignored me completely and did extreme smokey eyes that made me look like a drag queen and bright cheeks, too. It's a good look on some, but definitely not what I wanted. I don't think I could have got her to amend it to something I liked without just asking her to take the whole lot off! After that I was a bit put off, so I just bought some fancy make-up and played around myself. I don't think my 'look' would win any awards but I looked like myself which was the main thing!

  7. You look absolutely fantastic!

    I LOVE that lipstick on you. Definitely a keeper.

    You're gonna slay, as the kids say. ;) xx

  8. You look DIVINE!!!

    I would always recommend an MUA for the big day - purely for the fact that you can sit back, relax with a glass of bubbly, and not have to worry about a shaky hand (it's amazing how nervous you wake up on the morning). I had my make up done and really can't regret any part of it!

    C xx


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