Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sleep Nice, Be Nice,

Oh look, I finally sat down in front of a computer for long enough to write some sentences, GO ME.

Right, Are you sitting comfortably? We shall begin.

Back at the beginning of March, I accepted a challenge from those lovely people at who are an online bed retailer. Check them out, click the link, then they can see lots of fabulous traffic coming from me to them and think that I am a wonderful blogger and not one who hasn't blogged in about three weeks, is stressed to hell and has her head so deep in a wedding journal that the only way to drag me out is to wave a wedding cake in front of me.

But I digress.

So Bed Guru decided to run a campaign called, Sleep Nice, Be Nice, which involved me making a conscious effort to get 7.5hrs sleep a night and note how it affected my mood. I was also asked to do nice things for others to see if that also increased my overall well-being.

So, anyone who knows me knows that I get on average between 5-6 hrs sleep a night, and I can be a RIGHT MARDY COW at the best of times. I don't suffer from insomnia, I just spend all day tired, walking around like an extra from The Walking Dead, until midnight when I turn into a character from Frozen who wants to explore, sing and really experience the world in all it's glory. I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY.


My problem is then that I was so tired during the day that about 2pm I would crash and burn and need a nap, meaning that I wasn't tired of a night time. 

I am basically a toddler, I need discipline and someone to tuck me in of an evening, I NEED ROUTINE. 

So over the two weeks, I TRIED to sleep longer each night, I have to do the school run in the morning, meaning I get up at 7.15am so if I had any chance of hitting my target each night I was going to have to go to bed before midnight. 


Ok, so I TRIED, I started to go to bed earlier each night and Bed Guru linked me to their page with lots of hints, tips and tricks to help me get more sleep.
but it was HARD. one night I decided that I was going to crack it once and for all and went to bed at 10pm, only to lay awake for hours, very online me and then have my body wake me up at the ridiculous time of 6am. I could have cried. Genuinely, I do not think I was a very nice person that day. Sorry Bed Guru. 

But I persevered, I found the second week a LOT easier, I wasn't hitting 7.5 every night but my fitbit showed me that I was getting more and more sleep each night and I stopped napping during the day. This meant I was less tired during the day, meaning I could spend more time during the day being a little ray of sunshine and being NICE. 

Thanks to Bed Guru for inviting me to take part in this challenge, I cannot guarantee I will be able to keep up the good sleep but I am definitely more mindful of the link between sleeping nice, and being nice.  

Do you have any tips and tricks I can use to become a better person when I am awake? 

How good are you in bed? 

Let me know.


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  1. What is sleep?
    I don't understand what that word means,..
    (Normally around 2am)
    Also if you watch the new huntsman film then you will love it as it combines Anna from Frozen and all the villains from Disney/live action remakes etc x


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