Monday, 30 May 2016

Dawson Wedding, May 14th 2016

I think I am probably boring you all to death now with my wedding pictures, so this is the last time, I PROMISE.

So here are some pictures from my very, very special day. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I loved living them.

Best day of my life, so far. I hope you get a sense of how wonderful the day was. Let me know.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Plus Size Bride

14st 7lb

That is how much I weigh.

You know what? It is just a number. It doesn't show what kind of person I am, whether I am a nice person, a good mother, it CERTAINLY doesn't tell you how healthy I am, or am not.

My weight doesn't define who I am.

My weight doesn't decide what I wear.

My weight certainly didn't decide what I wear on my wedding day.

Look at me and tell me what you see here.

and here,

I felt like a goddamn princess on my wedding day. A goddamn princess with brightly coloured hair and I make NO apologies for my weight, for my hair, or for my attitude.

To the woman who asked me before my big day, "Should you be eating that?" LOOK AT ME and tell me I am not glorious.

My dress needed no alterations before the big day, I didn't want to put any pressure upon myself to "slim down" for my wedding. My husband met me at this weight, proposed to me at this weight and married me at this weight. He loves me for who I am, not numbers on a scale.

He loves my confidence, my happiness within myself and the happiness I have in my own skin.

I did not bow to pressure, or society, or follow magazine articles that give you, Ten Steps To Losing A Shed Load Of Weight For Your Big Day.


Numbers on a scale are irrelevant. Happiness and confidence in yourself are EVERYTHING.

Don't you agree?

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