Monday, 23 May 2016

Plus Size Bride

14st 7lb

That is how much I weigh.

You know what? It is just a number. It doesn't show what kind of person I am, whether I am a nice person, a good mother, it CERTAINLY doesn't tell you how healthy I am, or am not.

My weight doesn't define who I am.

My weight doesn't decide what I wear.

My weight certainly didn't decide what I wear on my wedding day.

Look at me and tell me what you see here.

and here,

I felt like a goddamn princess on my wedding day. A goddamn princess with brightly coloured hair and I make NO apologies for my weight, for my hair, or for my attitude.

To the woman who asked me before my big day, "Should you be eating that?" LOOK AT ME and tell me I am not glorious.

My dress needed no alterations before the big day, I didn't want to put any pressure upon myself to "slim down" for my wedding. My husband met me at this weight, proposed to me at this weight and married me at this weight. He loves me for who I am, not numbers on a scale.

He loves my confidence, my happiness within myself and the happiness I have in my own skin.

I did not bow to pressure, or society, or follow magazine articles that give you, Ten Steps To Losing A Shed Load Of Weight For Your Big Day.


Numbers on a scale are irrelevant. Happiness and confidence in yourself are EVERYTHING.

Don't you agree?



  1. You look amazing and so happy, which is the most important thing

  2. You do look happy and you do look good. I just have to wonder how better you would have looked if you would have dropped a stone or two. I do not mean this in a bad way you look beautiful but you could have looked stunning had you lost some weight. No offence meant as you do look good.

    1. And you thought it was okay to make this "suggestion" without leaving your name or photo so we could all offer you some advice? "you could have looked stunning" - excuse me, she DID look stunning! Add to that, the only person whose opinion matter's here is Kellie's - it's bonus that her new husband feels the same way. I just have to wonder how empty your life is that you are anonymously trying (and failing!) to pull strangers apart on the internet?

    2. This reminds me of those conversations that start 'I'm not racist but...'.

  3. You look absolutely wonderful. You radiate happiness. What else could you want on your Wedding day? Congratulations you gorgeous girl.

  4. There's always one! You look stunning irrelevant of 'a stone or two' !


    Diamonds n Pearls

  5. If I look even half as good as this if/when I get married I'll be delighted. You look beautiful, happy and healthy and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day.


  6. Bollocks to "no offence meant".

    You looked amazing, you know that, anyone with working eyes knows that, and only someone with no brain would think that weightloss would make you look better.

    You are stunning and I am so so jealous of your hair and dress

  7. *Eye rolls*
    It's nobodies bloody business you look gorgeous and happy and I'm pleased you felt so damn good on your big day x

  8. You lòok absolutely fabulous in your pictures. I did the getting married thing a year before you (copy cat ;-) ) and I'm at a guess a good two or three sizes bigger than you. At one time that would have bothered me greatly, but my fella has done great work in making me like myself again, flab and all.I look at my wedding photos and like you I see a gloriously happy, loved woman. X

  9. You look stunning. Being beautiful is not being sexy but being a good person inside. Being beautiful is how you are confident about yourself and being positive in all ways.

  10. You looked BLOODY gorgeous. Ever since I got engaged my Facebook ads have been filled with wedding weight loss plans and it seriously pisses me off. I don't understand why people have such an obsession with not looking like themselves on their wedding day! x
    Sophie Cliff

  11. Now, I did lose a couple of stone before my wedding, and was still a bigger bride than you. All brides are beautiful, no matter their size.

  12. I wrote a post similar to this a few months ago, though from the viewpoint of a newly engaged bride. I went to several wedding fairs and came back with a mountain of 'diet food' samples, I got asked what size I was planning to be on the big day (and I'm a size 8...). I find the pressure to lose weight for your wedding unbelievable! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  13. Quite unbelievable that comment! Naff off luv.

    I was in Phase Eight trying on some wedding dresses for my big day a few years back. The shop assistant said oh it's lovely and you have time to lose a few pounds before the big day. Er...... I'm a tall fairly slim looking size 12 with a wee tummy bump at the time. My Mum and I looked at each other and outside the shop burst out laughing. Luckily I have no body issues but I image, in all seriousness because it happened to a friend of mine, that all it would take is one comment like that to spiral into eating disorder hell.

    Sorry went off on a rant there! You looked fabulous Kellie :-)

  14. You look stunning and so happy which is all that matters and that Anon can just fuck right off! :D

  15. You look beautiful, so happy - and that's what matters - on the wedding day and beyond. Not the scale. Oh, and the turquoise hair looks ace on the white dress backdrop!

  16. Oh you look absolutely stunning, and I'm so glad that you said all of that, because it's all true. I hope I have the confidence to buy a dress in my actual size if I ever get married, and to wear it with pride, while loving my body.

  17. THIS! My boss got married the same day as you, and we had cake as she was going to be away for 3 weeks. Afterwards, everyone in the office mentioned how 'brave' she was for eating cake days before the wedding, like WTF! Noisy bastards, god help if somone eats anything in the same 6 months as their wedding!

  18. You look stunning! I adore your dress. I was 15 stone 2 on my wedding day and I was so happy with my dress, I loved it. It was a size 18 straight out of a catalogue because the shop assistants in both shops I went to were ridiculous and made me feel like an elephant. You're beautiful every day but you made an exceptional bride!

  19. Your dress was so BEAUTIFUL and you looked amazing. I love how glamorous it is!

    T xo


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