Thursday, 30 June 2016

Does Going Make-Up Free Deserve A Medal?

Thoughts please? Because if I post my thoughts, the chances are, Google will ban me for using bad language. 

Let me know,

Big Fashionista X X X 


Monday, 27 June 2016

Oh The Horror

I LOVE horror films, and by love, I mean I hide behind cushions whimpering, "Is it over yet?" My heart races quicker than George Osbourne's when he hears a knock at the door and I get sweatier than a teenage boy in the presence of a super car. 

Then, the minute it is over, I want to watch another one. (Or watch that one again to see all the bits I have missed) 

I'm not so much of going to see horror films or psychological thrillers at the cinema, your fellow cinema goers are not quite so easy going at pausing the movie for five minutes while you put the screen in the freezer are they? 

The absolute worst film I ever went to see at the cinema which left me shaking with fear, wasn't even that scary. It was The Strangers, with Liv Tyler, (She was in it, I didn't go to the cinema with her) I screamed, I hid, I went out to the toilet a couple of times and quite frankly I asked three times if we could leave. 

It was a complete shot of adrenaline but please don't make me do it again? Ok? 
The Strangers 2 you say? Who's coming with me?

So what I want to know is what horror or psychological thriller terrified you? Are you a fan of being scared? Or are you more of a Finding Dory person?

Let me know

Big Fashionista X X 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Dear Facebook "Friend"

More and more recently I am finding myself rolling my eyes at "friends" on Facebook and hitting that unfriend button faster than I would hit on Olivia Wilde at a singles night.

Whilst I totally agree with the fact that people can write what the HELL they want to on their own Facebook pages, I reserve the right to say that it is utter bullshit and erase them from my life if I should so choose.

But I can be a bit of a coward and just unfriend them without a word, but occasionally I do want to write on their posts something along the lines of,

Dear Facebook friend,

I am unfollowing you because of your incessant use of "Inspirational Quotes" illustrated with Minions. Minions? Fucking Minions? Are you having a laugh? You are going through a difficult time and you can get your strength from wherever you wish but if the best you can find is a Minion who, let's be honest, most inspirational quote was, BA-NA-NA then may  I suggest that your problems are deeper than you can ever  imagine. You have worked my last nerve, I am out of here.


Dear Facebook friend,

I am not interested in your shitty game, I do not want your shitty requests to send you fruit, hugs and I have so far resisted the urge to respond to your requests for lives with a comment along the lines of, I WISH YOU WOULD GET ONE. You have worked my last nerve, I am out of here. Have a nice life, when they refill.

I'm not wrong, am I?

What would you want to say to Facebook friends before you unfriended them? Let me know, and yes, you CAN use the Anonymous option if you wish.

Let me know.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Lavish Alice Cape Dress from Simply Be

What DO you wear to a Black Tie event at a champagne bar in Leeds on a rainy evening in June?

I wear Lavish Alice, from Simply Be of course.

Big Fashionista

Cape Dress

Lavish Alice Cape Dress

Black Lavish Alice Cape Dress

This dress is one of the best LBD I have ever owned, it is going to be living in my wardrobe all year round and be pulled out to wear at every opportunity. It is a dress, with a CAPE. I feel like a Super hero who has ignored the NO CAPES rule. (Bad to the bone, that's me) I feel fierce as hell in this dress and no-one can make me feel bad about this dress, it is not possible.

A small side note about this dress if you are tempted to buy it. I am 5ft 4inches. I am quite short. This is the picture on the Simply Be website, I have to wonder exactly how small this model is because for some of you taller ladies out there, this would be a TOP.

The dress is currently in the sale at the moment, and goes from a size 18 to a 26 but I am an 18 and my 18 felt roomy so there is material to play with, (just not lengthwise) I absolutely adore this dress, what do you think of it?

Let me know,

You can buy the dress here.

Photo Credit, Matt McCormick

Disclaimer, This is NOT a PR sample or an outfit just for review, I purchased this dress with my own monies because pretty dresses make me happy. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pro-Life Rape Apologists Have No Place In This World

Before I begin I want to attach a strong trigger warning to this post, it involves talk of abortion, rape and by the time I am finished probably a lot of swear words. If you feel this would upset you, please do not read any further.

I want to talk about THIS

These people walk amongst us and I am SICK OF IT. 

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, and I am pro-choice, I feel that you have every right to your own views as long as you are not trying to force YOUR views on others. That is where I stand on that, but THIS? 

This is so much worse. This is a RAPE APOLOGIST with some pro-life thrown in. What the HELL is this MAN, (Why is it usually men who are the most vocal about what women do with THEIR bodies anyway) on about. 'A women is healed from majority of trauma from rape by release of oxytocin"

DO ME A FUCKING FAVOUR YOU INBRED MORON. No woman is ever healed from rape by the release of hormones and a woman NEVER forgets being raped. This absolute bullshit that this man is spouting is dangerous, and full of LIES. 

Shall I even begin to start on the reply below.



These people are beyond me, I would NEVER want to share their air, be in the same room with them or if I am honest, share a planet with these people. They can VOTE like normal people, this terrifies me. It is 2016 and people like this exist?


What are your thoughts? Please let me know


Jelly Shoes and Don'ts

I am not one to question anyones parenting skills, trust me, my crotchfruit raising skills are not exactly the gold standard of parenting to which anyone should aspire, but occasionally I read something that is SO stupid, that I need to comment.

It is this, here is the link to the article in The Metro,

and here is the headline for everyone who cannot be bothered to click the link.



I am no style guru but even I know that on a hot day, jelly shoes will rub your skin like a cheese grater and will not stop until they taste your blood. They are evil shoes sent from Sports Direct (Hell) to claim our feet. I hardly think that this is newsworthy. Stick a pair of socks on with the sandals, I don't even care how old you are, I'm not going to judge you for it. 

Plus, if you did click the link and look at the pictures, is it just me or are those shoes too small for that little girl? 

Let me know your thoughts.


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Fashion Over 40

A couple of weeks ago, the Telegraph wrote a bullshit delightfully informative piece on 40 things EVERY woman should know about fashion over 40.

You can read it for yourself here if you so desire. (Spoiler alert, YOU ARE WEARING IT, DOING IT, HOLDING IT, WRONG)

Now I am not going to come up with an argument about why all 40 pieces of information are wrong, but what I am going to say as a brief overall comment is, WEAR WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT AND DO NOT LET ANY BULLSHIT ARTICLE TELL YOU DIFFERENT.

Got that?

Point 1, The author goes straight for the jugular.

I can display a well-turned ankle? What is this, the 1930's? Are you sure I will not be slut-shamed for such a brazen display of flesh? 

And if you want my Sex Pistols T-shirt? Come and take it from me, I DARE YOU. 

Point 2, 

Oh, It's funny because we need glasses because we are OLD. I get it now. 

Point 3, 

You know when men in the street tell you to "Cheer up luv" and "Smile love, it won't kill you" and you tell them to fuck off because it is your body and you can do what you want with it?

It took us over 40 years to learn that we do NOT have to please others and smile obediently when men tell us to. If you think I am going to smile because it makes me look pretty, you have seriously misjudged me, and other women over 40.

Point 4,

Looks down, checks I have legs, confirms I have legs, WEARS THE FUCKING TROUSERS.

I could go on and on and on, but I did not get to 40 years old and not learn a thing or two, mostly that I WILL NOT listen to people telling me what I can and cannot wear, I WILL wear what makes me happy, FUCK FLATTERING and FUCK YOU Telegraph.

What do you think?

Let me know.


Monday, 6 June 2016

Cutting It Short


Serious question. My 10 yr old needs new shorts, as it is finally warm in Yorkshire and we want to make the next 72 hours, before autumn kicks in, count.

My 10yr old daughter climbs trees and rocks, she runs around and walks in long grass so needs practical shorts that are both comfortable and um, practical.


I am no prude, and I am certainly not against cut off shorts, but why are these the ONLY choices around for girls at the moment?

Whereas if I take a wander into the boys section...... TA-DAHHHHHHHHHH

But she will not wear these, because they say BOYS on the label.

If anything REALLY did not need to say BOYS on the label, it is shorts. They are perfect, they are SHORTS. Not BOYS SHORTS, or GIRLS SHORTS, but wonderfully practical, cheap and comfortable shorts.

and quite frankly, I am not okay with it.

As adults our bodies are policed, we wear too little, we don't dress appropriately, WHY are we doing this to children? From boys T-shirts with Dinosaurs on and girls T-shirts with glittery fairies, stores are constantly reinforcing gender stereotypes that are not NEEDED.

I went into four stores over the weekend, I could not find ONE pair of shorts that came even onto the leg. most of them had pockets longer than the actual shorts. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Both of the shorts above are for age 8-9.

On a LOT of the girls shorts there was more material in my underwear than there was in the crutch of the girls shorts.

At least give girls the CHOICE of what shorts to wear and don't make them feel as if they have to wear BOYS shorts if they want to wear longer shorts.

Am I overreacting here? I know that when I spoke to a friend about this, they said that they buy their daughter boys shorts and cut the labels off before their daughter sees them, but why should we have to do that?

What are your thoughts on the matter? What do you do for your children, and do you find it is the same situation with adult shorts?

Let me know.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Stay Or Go?

Ok, now I know that usually on a Friday we have Nom or Vom, but lets face it, we have a lot more serious issues going on at the moment. (I might throw in a picture of Tom Hardy at the end if I get enough comments) 

We have a massive vote coming up soon and honestly, I genuinely feel that I do not know enough on the situation to have the responsibility of a vote that could be the difference between staying in Europe or leaving the EU.

Both sides seem to be using scare tactics, inflammatory statements and misdirection to try to sway our votes and I am so confused. Even the X Factor lets you watch people sing for 10  weeks before you "vote" for a winner and I am LESS prepared for this EU vote than I am for X Factor. (and I don't vote in the X Factor) 

So who better to ask than you guys.

You can even use the ANON option, (As long as you promise not to call me any names) I will approve them. but I am interested in how the people who are reading my blog will be voting, and the reasons behind your voting thoughts.

Lets see if we can cut through the bullshit and the lies and help each other with facts and information,

Let me know your thoughts,


You're welcome xxxxx 


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Superior Parenting Skills And Gorillas

Whether you are upset about a Gorilla being killed to save a small child, or in the camp that suggests that the Gorilla's life was worth more than the boys, you have to admit, it has been extremely concerning to see how many parents are A* parents that have never lost sight of their child for even a second.

Here you go, have the sticker you so badly crave.

These parents make DAMN sure that you know about it too. It isn't ENOUGH to never lose your child, it only counts if they get to beat OTHER parents around the head with it, like a faeces-filled nappy that drips not only with urine but with superiority too.

My name is Kellie and I HAVE lost sight of my children on more than one occasion, from hiding under clothes rails in Asda, (other good grocery stores are available to lose your child in) to losing my son when he unclipped himself from the buggy he was strapped into and then ran into a nearby amusements after being entranced by the lights.

If this makes me a terrible parent, then so be it.

What I do not understand is the people who are BAYING for the blood of the parents, their HEADS to placed on stakes outside Cincinnati Zoo because of their "carelessness" "their ignorance" "their LACK OF LOVE FOR THEIR CHILD"

I am not here to place blame, it was a SERIES of unfortunate events that led to this moment, but for EVERY PARENT gleefully crowing how they would NEVER lose sight of their child for even a second, I hope to GOD it never happens to you, I hope you never experience the sheer terror of when your child wanders away, making every second feel like an hour, and if it does happen to you, I hope you find your child quickly, I hope you then hold your child close and realise how easily it can happen. Being a parent is just making it up as you go along, it is like playing monopoly with someone who not only doesn't know the rules, but doesn't care for your rules, and wants to PEE RIGHT NOW.

And as just a small side note, for all of those people screaming for the parents to be charged with neglect because they managed to lose sight of their child for just a few seconds, what is the difference between this, and going out for dinner, leaving three children alone in a hotel room.

Just saying'

Let me know.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Copy & Paste. Facebook Fail

I love Social Media, I enjoy it a lot, but can I tell you what boils my piss recently with Facebook. I can be halfway through a really inspiring, moving almost heartfelt post when BOOM. 

"Not everyone has the guts to copy & paste this"

Oh give me a break. You sucked me in, and then you spat me out like some bad-tasting semen.

I am all for opinions, but why can't I hear from YOU? Not some copy & paste bullshit, tell me how YOU feel. Tell me what makes YOU angry, what makes you passionate, post how you feel and I will be standing in the crowd cheering my head off for you. I don't always have to agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it, (as long as you also respect my right to call you out on your crap)

But this Copy & Paste crap has to stop. it's cheap, it is Fast Food Facebook, it gets swallowed, digested and then forgotten. but it can cause serious irritation on the way through, (it can certainly cause upset)

Give me ONE post which is from the heart to "raise awareness" rather than ten that are just Copy & Paste.

I have seen Copy & Paste posts on everything from immigration to Jesus and quite frankly I AM SICK OF THEM.

Find your own words, use them, or stick to adding inspirational quotes on Minion posts.

Copy & Paste if you agree.

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