Monday, 13 June 2016

Lavish Alice Cape Dress from Simply Be

What DO you wear to a Black Tie event at a champagne bar in Leeds on a rainy evening in June?

I wear Lavish Alice, from Simply Be of course.

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Cape Dress

Lavish Alice Cape Dress

Black Lavish Alice Cape Dress

This dress is one of the best LBD I have ever owned, it is going to be living in my wardrobe all year round and be pulled out to wear at every opportunity. It is a dress, with a CAPE. I feel like a Super hero who has ignored the NO CAPES rule. (Bad to the bone, that's me) I feel fierce as hell in this dress and no-one can make me feel bad about this dress, it is not possible.

A small side note about this dress if you are tempted to buy it. I am 5ft 4inches. I am quite short. This is the picture on the Simply Be website, I have to wonder exactly how small this model is because for some of you taller ladies out there, this would be a TOP.

The dress is currently in the sale at the moment, and goes from a size 18 to a 26 but I am an 18 and my 18 felt roomy so there is material to play with, (just not lengthwise) I absolutely adore this dress, what do you think of it?

Let me know,

You can buy the dress here.

Photo Credit, Matt McCormick

Disclaimer, This is NOT a PR sample or an outfit just for review, I purchased this dress with my own monies because pretty dresses make me happy. 


  1. Love this dress, you look fab in it! :)


  2. This looks absolutely incredible, I want it so I can run around feeling fab!

  3. Girllllll. I cannot handle the hotness of you in this dress. ON FIREEEEE.
    Bee |


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