Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pro-Life Rape Apologists Have No Place In This World

Before I begin I want to attach a strong trigger warning to this post, it involves talk of abortion, rape and by the time I am finished probably a lot of swear words. If you feel this would upset you, please do not read any further.

I want to talk about THIS

These people walk amongst us and I am SICK OF IT. 

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, and I am pro-choice, I feel that you have every right to your own views as long as you are not trying to force YOUR views on others. That is where I stand on that, but THIS? 

This is so much worse. This is a RAPE APOLOGIST with some pro-life thrown in. What the HELL is this MAN, (Why is it usually men who are the most vocal about what women do with THEIR bodies anyway) on about. 'A women is healed from majority of trauma from rape by release of oxytocin"

DO ME A FUCKING FAVOUR YOU INBRED MORON. No woman is ever healed from rape by the release of hormones and a woman NEVER forgets being raped. This absolute bullshit that this man is spouting is dangerous, and full of LIES. 

Shall I even begin to start on the reply below.



These people are beyond me, I would NEVER want to share their air, be in the same room with them or if I am honest, share a planet with these people. They can VOTE like normal people, this terrifies me. It is 2016 and people like this exist?


What are your thoughts? Please let me know



  1. I can't even handle that this is even a thing. I'm absolutely pro-choice, 100% appreciate why people would be pro-life and yet nothing 'cures' being raped. Nothing. These tweets are pure ignorance.

  2. They are still stuck in a mindset that says a woman is 'clean' and 'pure' until 'corrupted' by sex. She can be 'redeemed' by bearing children. It is frightening how that idea is becoming more not less powerful. I think the people who hold these views are violently repressing themselves, which becomes violent repression of others. Handmaid's Tale is becoming near reality not fantasy fiction.

  3. I want so desperately to be able to put together a balanced, well constructed and thoughtful response to the tweets but regrettably they make me twitch with utter rage.

    I am 100% pro choice, yet I can understand why people are pro life - that's their decision. I don't have to agree with it, or like it.

    They are allowed to voice their opinion on it as long as it isn't being rammed down my throat but this..... this is very, very different.

    The level of disgusting ignorance is outstanding - and it makes my whole mind, body and soul sad that we share a planet.

  4. Can I just say that not all men think they have to the right to decide what happens to womens body's

  5. Samantha Gouldson8 June 2016 at 16:17

    Not all men! Bingo! 😂

  6. I'm pretty certain nobody mentioned 'all men' & there is clearly a tweet from a woman included in the image. Sometimes when women reference disgusting opinions they're not just talking about men, let alone 'all men'. Re the rape apologists and the pro lifers (not all pro lifers btw ;)) that support them, its akin to denying the holocaust or climate change. It makes no sense and just makes them look incredibly stupid and ignorant.

  7. A woman has an absolute right to decide what happens to her body. END OF STORY. As far as that bollocks posted on Twitter... Let's be very clear here, nothing will make a woman forget she was raped, she will carry that with her for the rest of her life. Birthing and raising her rapists baby, against her will, will do so much damage - to the woman and the child.

    There is a huge part of me that wonders whether if men, like seahorses, gave birth there would be far fewer uneducated fuckwits pontificating and judging the desperate situations some women find themselves in.

  8. You CAN say it. Maybe you can take 10 seconds to think about whether you SHOULD.

  9. Rape is never excusable under ANY circumstances and no amount of feel-good hormones from giving birth could erase the trauma of rape. These fucking morons need to join the 21st century, because at the moment they'd fit in better in the 14th century. And Mr Anonymous, Kellie was not having a go at all men, just the idiots who posted this crap. And one man with this opinion is one too many.


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