Thursday, 2 June 2016

Superior Parenting Skills And Gorillas

Whether you are upset about a Gorilla being killed to save a small child, or in the camp that suggests that the Gorilla's life was worth more than the boys, you have to admit, it has been extremely concerning to see how many parents are A* parents that have never lost sight of their child for even a second.

Here you go, have the sticker you so badly crave.

These parents make DAMN sure that you know about it too. It isn't ENOUGH to never lose your child, it only counts if they get to beat OTHER parents around the head with it, like a faeces-filled nappy that drips not only with urine but with superiority too.

My name is Kellie and I HAVE lost sight of my children on more than one occasion, from hiding under clothes rails in Asda, (other good grocery stores are available to lose your child in) to losing my son when he unclipped himself from the buggy he was strapped into and then ran into a nearby amusements after being entranced by the lights.

If this makes me a terrible parent, then so be it.

What I do not understand is the people who are BAYING for the blood of the parents, their HEADS to placed on stakes outside Cincinnati Zoo because of their "carelessness" "their ignorance" "their LACK OF LOVE FOR THEIR CHILD"

I am not here to place blame, it was a SERIES of unfortunate events that led to this moment, but for EVERY PARENT gleefully crowing how they would NEVER lose sight of their child for even a second, I hope to GOD it never happens to you, I hope you never experience the sheer terror of when your child wanders away, making every second feel like an hour, and if it does happen to you, I hope you find your child quickly, I hope you then hold your child close and realise how easily it can happen. Being a parent is just making it up as you go along, it is like playing monopoly with someone who not only doesn't know the rules, but doesn't care for your rules, and wants to PEE RIGHT NOW.

And as just a small side note, for all of those people screaming for the parents to be charged with neglect because they managed to lose sight of their child for just a few seconds, what is the difference between this, and going out for dinner, leaving three children alone in a hotel room.

Just saying'

Let me know.



  1. Yup, I'm a terrible parent who has lost her child too (possibly Asda, more likely to be Tescos) and there are few feelings worse. Luckily it was a few minutes and he was only in the next aisle.
    I have called several people out over this in the last few days. Most I have to say on my timeline at least are older parents who seam to have forgotten how quick kids are, or who believe kids should be tied into buggies at all times, seen and not heard etc.

  2. Nail. Head. Hitting it right on it!

    Kids are fast wee buggers. It takes 2 seconds for them to slip right away from you. I'm one of those awful people who took my eyes off my child for 2 seconds and she was out of our (gated) back garden and off down the lane into the car park. We've all been there, just maybe not ending up with our kids in an enclosure in a zoo. All the Judgey McJudgersons need to reign it in.

    And I find leaving your 3 kids alone in a hotel room alone abroad to be a much more heinous crime than briefly losing sight of one child.

  3. I am that child who frequently got lost (I get it from my dad) so I can vouch for it being far from easy for a parent to keep control of the likes of an excitable small child, despite not being a parent myself. I do feel they should have stopped the kid (surely zoo barriers are hard to break?!) but also... there were crowds of people who will have seen that kid in danger before he fell in. If I was the parent, I'd have shot the gorilla myself for the sake of saving my child.

    Also (controversial) I seem to remember 2 kids being left in a hotel room in Portugal, one going missing and nobody mentioning neglect of the parents.


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