Tuesday, 5 July 2016

duMP And Run

Soo here is the deal, have you ever owned a cat?

Have you ever owned a cat that has shit on the rug, looked down at it, looked back at you and then sauntered away leaving someone else to clean up the mess?

If so, then congratulations, you are fluent in current UK politics.

Whether you are Leave or Remain, you have to admit that right now, there is a giant steaming turd on our carpet and everyone is backing away from it fast. Not only is no-one taking responsibility for it, currently, every politician is walking around holding their nose, trying to pin it on someone else.

So what happens now?

UK politicians are too busy denying that they have any knowledge of the excrement, to deal with the excrement and quite frankly it is stinking the place up.

AND THIS IS OUR CARPET that is being stained!!!!!!!

Nigel Farage, wants to show us the real him..?

Quite frankly, Nige, I'd rather fondle the faeces than see the 'real' you.

Are you aware that, this odious, twerp has resigned from UKIP and yet is STAYING ON AS A MEP. You GENUINELY cannot make this up.

Let me repeat that.

Nigel... Farage... is... staying... on... as... an... MEP!

He played a huge part in getting the UK out of Europe but when it comes to himself he continues to dry-hump the leg of the EU until they finally manage to shake him off. (I was going to write, beat him off, but, ya know........) I would call the man a joke, but he just isn't funny.

Boris Johnson, the loveable buffoon who is neither loveable, or a buffoon, has also backed away from the poop. Not only does he know, that we know, that he knows, that we know. HE JUST DOESN'T CARE. He continues to look us in the eyes, steps back from the mess he made but doesn't really move off the carpet. he just hangs around the edge of the carpet until the stench leaves him and then you just know that he will come back to the carpet.

Am I alone in thinking that all of this stinks to high heaven? I have children, if they make a mess, they damn well take responsibility for their mess, they clean up their mess and then they apologise for their mess. These so called politicians have dumped and run.

Now we are left with crap on our carpet and no-one left to clean it up.

and the stench is only getting worse, don't you think?

Let me know.



  1. You forgot Cameron - he's shat on the rug and walked away. They're all c**ts especially the vile, odious t**t Farage.

    1. Nah, Cameron was totally right to walk away. I mean, I don't like the man and at the end of the day the only reason any of this has happened is because he stupidly offered the EU ref to secure himself a second term as PM. But still, I don't think he should have to clean up the mess that Farage, Boris and Gove made. They want power so badly, fucking have it, except now suddenly no one wants to touch that shitty stick.


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