Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ghostbusters With Everyman Cinemas at Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds

If I am not at home, and you cannot find me, the FIRST place to look for me is Trinity Shopping Centre in the centre of Leeds. It isn't my second home, I like to see it more as a Time share, where I can relax and buy pretty stuff.

Now, loving Trinity as I do, no-one is more surprised than me to realise that I have NEVER been to the Everyman cinema that is inside. I BLOODY LOVE good cinema trip, but somehow, it had just passed me by, if I'm honest, I thought the sofa for seats thing was a myth, BUT IT IS TRUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

There are even cushions, perfect for watching a scary film from behind, am I right?

So I was invited, by Trinity to come and watch Ghostbusters with them and I KNOW that when Trinity are putting on something cool, they are putting on something cool.

THEY HAD ECTO-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghostbusters car

SO MUCH COOLNESS, everyone was loving seeing the car, kids AND grown-ups. I'm sure that the superb cleaning crew that Trinity have, were having to work overtime to clear up all the nerdgasms happening.

I am not much of a film reviewer but full of pizza (TRY THE PIZZA) myself and Jennie from watched Ghostbusters with absolutely no expectations, ONE OF US HASN'T EVEN SEEN THE ORIGINAL (and it's not me) and I LOVED IT. Ignore the crybabies who say that remaking Ghostbusters has ruined their childhood, quite frankly if a remake of a film ruins your childhood, it probably wasn't much of one in the first place, it was full of laughs, different enough from the first one to be a stand alone film and has some very funny people in it, my crush on Kate McKinnon is deep. I LOVE HER.

IF you have never been to an Everyman Cinema before, I need to say it DEFINITELY adds to the film-going experience, it is like cinema for grown-ups and I have already tried to book tickets for Suicide Squad for when it comes out there. I am not going anywhere else.

Does EVERYONE know about Everyman Cinema apart from me?

Have you seen Ghostbusters yet? What did you think?

Who wants to come and live with me in Trinity Leeds?

Let me know.

*I was invited to go and see Ghostbusters by Trinity Leeds, words as always, are all my own.


  1. Saw it at the weekend. I wasnt expecting a lot, but it was bloody brilliant. Better than the origional in my opinion. Even the very doubting hubby laughed all the way through

  2. Love Everyman especially as they don't allow rustling wrappers huzzah!

  3. What a fab thing to be invited to! :)
    I have yet to watch a film there, but went to an event where we watched a couple Friends episodes and the seats were brilliant.
    I'd love to have seen the car.. Not too sure on how to take the new film, but think I'll watch it. You can never beat originals though..


  4. I've heard of Everyman but never been, I fully plan on going there to see Bridget Jones, no better place to have a girls afternoon than Trinity in my opinion!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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