Sunday, 31 July 2016

Is there Lipstick on my teeth?

This is a bit of a rambling one and to be honest, it's more of a question than anything else. I've just caught up on the Jodie Marsh, This Morning appearance "scandal" (lol) where it seems she had lipstick on her teeth.

Cringe, we've all been there, luv. 

HOWEVER. It seems that Jodie Marsh then posted THIS on her Instagram.

So here is my question.

Why must a WOMAN tell another woman about her lipstick? Why is she not pissed at Philip Schofield? I don't know about you but I NEVER EXPECT a woman to do something for me JUST because she's another woman. I want someone to tell me if I have lipstick on my teeth but I don't give a flying fuck about whether they are a man, a woman, neither, or both. JUST TELL ME. 

I'm genuinely puzzled about why Ms Marsh is aiming her pics at Holly Willoughby as if she has failed some sort of Gal Code. 

Plus, this special place in hell, does anyone have the wi-fi password, please?

Just in case.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X X 

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  1. She did a youtube video called Was the girl code broken yesterday:


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