Monday, 4 July 2016

Losing Your Blogger Voice

It is a difficult one, isn't it? I've been blogging for over 6 years now and I am starting to wonder, when did I lose sight of what my blog was about?

It is so easily done, isn't it? When I first started out, the plan was to JUST talk about plus size fashion, hence "Big Fashionista" but, as invariably happens, I developed. I developed my blogging style and my tastes changed and over the years I used my blog to voice my opinions which I LOVE to do.

But somewhere along the way, I think I got lost, I forgot what it is I love about blogging and my blog started to become neglected. Like a garden I forgot to tend, it became overgrown and I think there is something dead in the corner. (ignore that part)

So what do I do? I LOVE blogging, it is a huge part of my life and my blog is my baby. (Slightly neglected, possibly full of shit and causes me sleepless nights) 

I feel like I need some goddamn structure to my blog again. I need to FIND MY USP again. (Anyone playing blogger bingo, TAKE A SHOT NOW for use of USP) I need to bring back Nom or Vom, boring back Shutter Day and WRITE SHIT DOWN.

I will never write crap for the sake of it, I would rather have no content for a month than write some bullshit just for a couple of hits. There is not one thing on my blog that I am ashamed of writing, even the REALLY early stuff which is awful, serves to remind me of how far I have come over the years, and I hope that maybe six years from now I can look back and see that at this point where I lost my voice, this is where I found it again.

Any thoughts?
Wat do you think my USP (DRINK) is?

Do you think I need to find my 'voice' again?

If you are a Blogger, what did YOU do when you thought you lost your voice, or do to help bring back structure again?

Let me know.



  1. I just love your verbal diarrhea! I'll always keep checking in here!
    Bee |

  2. I get this so much - it's tough to try and keep the content flowing when life gets in the way and quite simply you run out of ideas. It's easy to say 'everyone should do something different' but actually, practicing that preaching isn't all that easy. I tend to try and keep it topical and adhoc when I'm running out of ideas - definitely never worth writing shit for the sake of it.


  3. I get this too - my blog has turned into more of a book blog than a 'me' blog. Don't get me wrong, I love books, but even I miss the more personal random ramblings.

    Need to shake it up, somehow. Any advice gratefully received!

  4. I've found your blog only this year and I loved it when you called out those shops who sell too-short shorts for girls. Keep blogging about fashion wrongs like that please! What do you think of school uniform? I don't write about fashion but I think there's lots to be discussed about it's rights, wrongs and irritations:) Just my thought! Best wishes.

  5. I am going through the exact same thing! I fell off the wagon about a year ago and I'm struggling so much to get back to it. I think I fell out of love with it all... I'm trying but perhaps I need to just accept it isn't what it was and is now something new? Either way, I love your blog, I love your posts and I love your social media timeline. Your USP is that you're YOU and you're pretty bloody good at it too! x

  6. Do what makes you happy! I love reading your posts. You're a voice with reason. :)


  7. I lost my blogging voice about a year ago after a big big break up and having an ectopic pregnancy, I posted less than 10 times in 2015!! I just wasn't interested 'in it' anymore. My new partner wanted me to get back into it and praised me on how well I had done, so he helped me redesign my blog and I decided I was going to write about what I wanted rather than what I thought I should be writing. I don't pressure myself to post but now I feel in more control of it and I have started to love it again :)

    I have followed you for ages Kellie and I think your blog is fab, keep doing what you are doing!



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