Monday, 18 July 2016

Netflix Until......................

I have recently come out of a long-term relationship.

It's sad, I genuinely thought it would last forever. I laughed, I cried, I couldn't wait to just sit and just look at them, have them entertain me, make me laugh, and sometimes, make me cry. They brought me new experiences and I will never forget them, but, all good things must come to an end, and I watched the final episode of iZombie, knowing that our time together was now over.

Oh, hang on, what did you think I meant?

But lets face it, choosing a Netflix series IS like finding a new relationship, isn't it? You invest a lot of time, and energy into finding THE ONE, and then it comes to an end. At this point, you are either glad it's over, you weren't getting anything out of it anymore and were just sticking around because you'd invested a lot of time in it, or you don't want it to be over and you would do anything for it to continue. Was it something YOU did? Who knows, but unless you want to go over old ground, (Watch the whole thing from the beginning) sometimes it is just best to move on.

Netflix, prisma

It isn't easy when you come to the end of a relationship on Netflix is it? Do you try to find a new love? Do you wait to see if your old love brings something new and fresh to you? (Season 3 of iZombie, pleeeeeeeease) If you choose to go down the new love route, where the hell do you start? You've been seeing the same programme for so long now, that you are out of practice in finding a new one. Do you want something long term? Do you just want to have some fun, something that just lasts for an evening, no commitment, and no expectations?

What if you start something new, and then your old love comes back, promising you that this time it will be different? This time it will never fail to put your needs first, it will never abandon you again. And while part of you KNOWS that your old love is lying, you remember the good times you had and how you laughed. Do you abandon your new love? Do you tell your old love to be patient? DO YOU SEE THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME?

What if they both fulfil different needs? Is it ok to see them both then? What will your friends think? WHAT IF YOUR FRIENDS ARE SEEING THEM TOO? Or worse, what if your friends AREN'T? Who will you talk to about them?

Netflix, you goddamn Love Rat, with your ways of always leaving us wanting more.

You will be pleased to hear that I have just started a new relationship, it is early days, (episode 15 of 112) I think we are compatible and they definitely seem to want a long term commitment,  I'm trying not to see them too often at the moment, I'm pacing myself, I don't want to seem too keen, or worse, wear them out too quickly, the pain of my last relationship is all still too raw. I don't know whether it is a rebound thing, or something to just tide me over until iZombie comes back, we are just going to take each day as it comes. Once Upon A Time is my new relationship, and I hope we will be happy together.

How about you? Are you in a relationship currently, on Netflix? Or have you just recently ended one?  How did it make you feel?

Let me know, I would love to hear your experiences of love lost, and found.



  1. I thought you meant you'd dumped Netflix for a moment!! I've just started watching Gilmore Girls from ep1 - it's years since I watched that, and it'll help fill the intolerable gap til the next season of House of Cards!

    1. Netflix is my bae.

      Oh man, Gilmore Girls! That's returning to a very old love. Perfect

  2. I am exactly the same, currently in a very meaningful at times testing relationship with Sons of Anarchy, on the last season and just know there is going to be serious soul-crushing heartbreak at the end of this.

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Oh Man, the pain you will suffer, knowing that your love has reached a natural end and there is nothing you can do about it. I hope you find a new love soon. Xxx

  3. I've just started a relationship with stranger things and am anticipating the return of bojack, which I am hoping is more satisfying than the return of house of cards.


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