Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fringe Benefits

So recently I took the plunge and had my fringe cut back in. I originally wanted to do it just before my wedding, but I chickened out at the last minute and decided not to. (I'm such a wuss.)

So when I finally decided to go for it, I was happy with the results.



But after almost a month of having a fringe, I have learnt some things which I didn't expect.

Firstly, eyebrows. What eyebrows? Do I have eyebrows? Who even knows. I don't see them, you don't see them. Do I have one eyebrow? Do I have two? It doesn't even matter anymore. Forget about them, I have.  Bye bye, Wax and Tint every 4 weeks.

Secondly, my roots. Having the fringe means that my dark roots are a little less noticeable, you get to see the block of colour and the root regrowth is higher up rather that seeing my hairline. BOOM.

I've realised that these fringe benefits are making me seem lazy, this would be correct.

Bye Bye wrinkles. I am 40 years old and I have spent quite a few years frowning. What can I say, I'm judgemental. I have deep lines in my forehead that were bothering me so much, I had researched Botox and how much it would cost.

Now? DO I HAVE WRINKLES? WHO KNOWS? I can't see them. Therefore, I don't have them, OKAY????????

Have you found any "fringe benefits" of having a fringe?

Let me know.



  1. I am going the opposite way at the minute after having a fringe for absolutely ages I am growing mine out and embracing the my face, warts and all!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  2. You gorgeous human, looks amazing both ways! <3

    Ellie | www.ellievdw.me

  3. Another benefit: your face becomes all about the eyes. And who doesn't have gorgeous eyes?!

    Becky ⋮ a c c o o o h t r e m e n t s . w o r d p r e s s . c o m

    (Though I am currently considering growing mine out, again!)

  4. I'm desperate to get my fringe back but my hairdresser told me to wait till autumn because of getting a sweaty forehead. They're great for hiding unkempt brows and they make you look mysterious and sexy! Well, I'd like to think so.

  5. You've sold fringes to me absolutely!
    Though I'd have a curly fringe and I'm not sure that's a good look! x


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