Monday, 1 August 2016

If You Could Only Hear Yourself

So many people ask why I don't have a Youtube Channel. (Ok, a COUPLE of people have asked, Ok, ONE, one person has asked) and basically, whenever that person asks, (asked) I say the same thing every time.


Genuinely, if you have never heard my voice, imagine that Bianca from Eastenders, and Phil Daniels (Look him up) had a love child and talked to it constantly in their accents, meaning that their baby grew up with the best (worst) of their accents.


I don't know if I am alone in feeling this way but I CRINGE whenever I accidentally hear my own voice, if I record something on my phone and then talk, when I play it back, I hear my own voice and I want to throw my phone into the nearest puddle of water so it NEVER, EVER plays the sound of my voice again.


Words cannot express JUST how much I cannot stand my own voice. I MEAN REALLY cannot stand it.

Is this just me? I don't know if it is more of a common thing than I think it is. I try to console myself with the fact that apparently, we don't sound to others, how we sound to ourselves. (Unless I just made that up one day and have decided to run with it, i'm not googling it. leave me to my beliefs, goddammit) 

Does anyone else out there hate the sound of their own voice?

Am I alone in knowing who Phil Daniels is?

Let me know.



  1. 'All the people! So many people!'...except the Phil Daniels is the one who does the talking in between those bits :)

    I'm surprised you believe you sound like a cross between him and Bianca... Didn't you publish a teeny tiny video with you speaking one time? I don't recall that you sounded memorably bad. Not sure I properly remember, but I don't think you were either high pitched or too nasal, because I would have noticed that. Those are the worst things for me in either gender, whatever the accent.

    I don't like to hear my own voice - although I know there's nothing essentially wrong with it, some people have said they really like my voice. Just makes me cringe to hear it when I'm not actually reading something out loud, just talking, as I sound hesitant, quiet and unusual.

    For the record, everyone (who I haven't heard speaking before) has a standard English accent and a gender-neutral voice when I read what they write. And sometimes even if I have hear their actual voice, the words I read are still standard English, gender neutral in my head.

  2. Nope your really not alone, I hate my voice too. I am a kentish lass originally but have spent the last 25 years living in The Forest of Dean, so I have a very fucked up hybrid accent that no-one really needs to hear.
    Oh am for the record I can remember watching your first (and only?) Vlog some years ago and I think your voice is cool xx

  3. I always think I sound like a man but I love your accent!

  4. You're not alone - I hate the sound of my own voice and most of the time I end up editing my videos in mute mode - is that weird?

    Emma |

  5. hahah I like your voice - and that's a thing I wont say often to a southerner!

  6. I used to really hate the sound of my own voice, now I'm getting used to it! Although I'm still not a big fan of watching back vlogs when editing because I have to hear it, but it's not AS bad as I thought it was! lol!


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