Friday, 12 August 2016

Joe Browns, Autumn/Winter Collection and Competition

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Joe Browns offices to get a sneak peak at their Autumn/Winter collection.

I was expecting to fall in love with the clothes, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with the offices as well.

If you have ever seen/read Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, then you will understand exactly what I am talking about, from the minute you step into their reception area, you get visually assaulted with such whimsical, kitschy, awesome pieces, it makes the whole interior a JOY to look at.

It's a hipster deer, and it doesn't give a damn, son.

I spent as much time, gasping at the interiors of the offices as I did the clothing. From MOTOR BIKES, to guitars emblazoned with JOE BROWNS on them, made out of sequins, I think it tells you a lot about a company when their place of work is as cool and quirky as the clothes they create. 

And they really do create extremely cool clothes with fantastic attention to detail. You can take a look at the new range of Autumn/Winter clothing here

what I want to show you, is the DETAIL. 

tweed jacket

Black and Green Boots

From beautiful floral linings, to boots that compliment the colour of my hair, I fell in love with absolutely every single piece from the Autumn/Winter collection at Joe Browns.  I already own a jacket that people stop me in the street when I wear it, to ask me where it came from, and I have my eyes on so many pieces that the only way I will be able to afford it all is to win their competition that is taking place this Saturday in Leeds. 

Check out #QuirkyPair on Twitter, give Joe Browns a follow and if you fancy a treasure hunt around Leeds on Saturday, you could win £1000 in vouchers

You can find out more information here ->

Maybe I will see you running around Leeds trying to solve clues and find the Quirky Pair? 

Let me know. 

Kellie Dawson



  1. OMG -Ilove Jo Browns and am not surprised at all that their offices are uber cool & quirky - the lifestyle is sold in the pages of the catalogues, which I always read through twice. Unfortunately I completely the wrong side of 40 now, and am a little bit'booby' for a lot of their clothes to look good on me, but it is always the jackets that make me drool! and I love the foxy detail on the one you've featured. - Go Joe!

  2. You know what? I love joe browns clothes but what really annoys me is that although they do do plus size clothes they don't have them on their own bloody website! It does me mad!


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