Thursday, 11 August 2016

Reboots for the wimmins

I don't know about you, but I groaned out loud yesterday at the news that yet another film is getting a reboot with an all-woman cast.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Ghostbusters, I drink the tears of the manbabies who cried that an all-female reboot was going to "ruin their childhood" (Newsflash, if a film can spoil your whole childhood, the chances are, your childhood wasn't that great to begin with) my issue with Ghostbusters is that they called it a remake, they should have called it Ghostbusters 3, referenced the original Ghostbusters, and got on with being kick-ass women who have discussions about things that, (Gasp) don't always include men!!!!!!!!!!!!

What annoys the hell out of me is that they are taking old, successful male-dominated movies, and just flipping out the cast for all women. I don't want to see remakes, I want to see ORIGINAL movies, where the female lead is more than just a fucktoy, where the woman doesn't just flail around helplessly and scream, where men and women rescue each other. A film which doesn't involve us having to RELATE A FEMALE CHARACTER TO AN ORIGINAL MALE CHARACTER in order to make it palatable to some.

I am meant to be pleased that there is an all-female cast of yet another movie aren't I? I am meant to praise the forward-thinking of studios that are putting money into movies and thanking them for thinking of me as they release these movies.

Well I can't. I cannot be happy that we are only being allowed to travel a well-trodden path that has been paved by men. You cannot tell me that there aren't books out there with fantastic female characters in them that can be translated to the big screen, I know there are, I've read them. Why do female-led movies have to be remakes of male-led movies AT ALL?

Currently, I feel as if we are being thrown a bone, and are expected to say thank you. I expect Buzzfeed are compiling ten listicles of 10 Movies We Want To See Remade With An All-Female Cast, as we speak, and I don't want ANY OF THEM.

I want ORIGINAL, clever, funny movies that make me want to spend my hard-earned money in the cinema, I refuse to blindly support remakes JUST BECAUSE they are female-led, in the same way I don't support films that are terrible.

Am I alone here? Is it too much to expect such a thing as original movies? Why must every female led film for the next 5 years be a remake? (because you know it will be, don't you?)

Let me know.



  1. I loved Ghostbusters, and will probably watch the Oceans movie when it comes out (both films have actresses who I am a fan of) but I totally agree with you - I wanna see new, fresh ideas with women as the leads! But definitely in the way the women were in Ghostbusters. Not sexualised, and actually representing us women? Like, I loved the fact that in the film, them sitting around eating pizza wasn't done in like...some sexy alluring way. They were literally sat there, eating pizza. It's silly that simple things us women do everyday aren't shown on screen like they truly are. It's stupid - big head honchos for films would make a killing if they did films that actually represent the audiences.

    Meg | Elmpetra

    1. So true. So much of Ghostbusters was done RIGHT. I was just gutted they called it a remake when it should have been a film in its own right.

  2. "But but but how do you write a female character in Hollywood?" the big studios tremble and whimper. Gender-swapping women for men in male-led movies is the only way they can make female characters that aren't obsessed with marriage and babies and thinness and internalized misogyny. Personally, I also think it's a pretty cheap trick, however, Ghostbusters deviated enough from the original plot that I actually loved it more! If they can do that to other movies until they figure out that Women — They're Just Like Us, then we have a chance. I think Kimmy Schmidt is a good jumping-off place. Aside from a short arc involving romantic interest in the first season, it's been a fabulous imagining of a female character who's just trying to live her life while she just *happens* to be female. I can't wait for more. There is so much to talk about here but my comment is already creepy-long :-)

  3. Really interesting point that I didn't consider when I went to watch the film. Yes you're right it shouldn't have been a remake. The ho-ha over the internet about the gender swap was ridiculous. But I too have read so many great female led books - why can there not be films like this?

  4. I loved Ghostbusters and may have developed a small girl crush on a certain character, but you are so right. Hollywood, stop being so bloody lazy in order to tick your PC boxes - step away from the gender-bending remakes and give us some brilliant original material. The writers are out there, so use them!


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