Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Pride Of Britain Awards

It is very nearly that time of year again where we all sit around our televisions and cry for hours whilst being inspired by others. No, I am not talking Great British Bake Off, I am talking about the Pride Of Britain Awards.

Started in 1999, The Daily Mirror Pride Of Britain Awards has been a way to recognise people for their acts, achievements and courage. This week and next, people are being encouraged to nominate a local hero for their acts of selflessness and courage.

Travelling around on a London bus, Amanda Byram is helping to spread the word, with a little help from TSB, on how YOU can nominate someone for a Pride Of Britain award.


I spoke to Amanda about The Pride Of Britain Awards and asked her what they meant to her.

"It is a special award ceremony" Amanda told me, "I have presented at many different award ceremonies across the world, but this one turns the spotlight on people who deserve to be recognised for inspiring others. From Grandmothers who clean up their estate, getting rid of the drug dealers who are trying to take over, to make it safer for her grandchildren, to Nathan, who we met here in Leeds this morning, who is feeding local children with food that would otherwise go to waste, these awards celebrate acts of selflessness and people who have made a real difference."

Amanda is presenting the Pride of Ireland awards, which are held later in the year, and I asked her, Do you cry at these events? "When I am watching, of course, I cry buckets. but when you are presenting, you have to try to stay professional. There is always a story that makes me want to cry and I admit, I am usually welling up with tears at points, but I need to tell their stories and present the awards, it wouldn't be fair if I was a mess, but I do wear waterproof mascara, just in case. 

The Pride of Britain bus is travelling around the country, encouraging people to nominate someone from their local community, today it is in Manchester, and then

Liverpool 19th August
Birmingham 22nd August
Cardiff 23rd August
Bristol 24th August
before finishing in London on the 25th.

You can find out more information at

Who would YOU nominate?

Let me know.


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  1. I absolutely love the Pride of Britain awards, I would nominate my mother in law because although she doesn't really fit into the categories she is an absolutely outstanding person who always puts others before herself. She's a huge part of our local community and works tirelessly to try and bring everyone together and to try and give the young people in the community a good start in life; she and her sister launched a service for young people in our area where they could 'drop in' and spend time in a safe, welcoming environment and she continues to do work with them even at 70 odd years old, she's organised numerous events for our village... she's just the perfect ambassador for village life! To top it off she's done all this amongst having a heart attack, a stroke (she's an absolute inspiration for anyone recovering from a stroke because she really did fight hard to regain control of her body) and cancer... she's just unreal!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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