Wednesday, 7 September 2016

10 Blogs I love to read (and I hope you will love too)

Being a blogger, you can sometimes get so bogged down in the writing, taking photographs and editing of pictures for your own blog that you forget that there are other blogs out there. I've been guilty of it as much as the next person, we sigh that our interactions are down, but we've forgotten to interact with other blogs too.

Since being a judge for the #BloggersBlogAwards, I have fallen back in love with the whole world of blogging and I am avidly reading so many more blogs that I don't even look at magazines any more.

So I wanted to share details of ten of my favourite blogs that I love to read, some I have been reading for years, and others are new discoveries.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

One of the first blogs I ever read, if you want "Beauty without fuss" you are in the right place, Louise knows her stuff and knows it WELL. From beautiful candles to fragrances which I cannot spell let alone pronounce, Get Lippie will have you covered. Get reading.

One of the newest blogs I have discovered while judging New Blogs for Blog awards, I love Ellie's blog because it is fresh, and she writes it well. No cliches here, great style, EPIC photography and if I write any more about her, I am worried she will file a restraining order against me.

Another blogger who I have followed FOREVER, is Helen. Previously of Just Nice Things, Helen resisted the blogging urge for a long time before giving into the little voice in her head that screamed, "WRITE SHIT DOWN"

If you don't follow Vix already, then I feel sorry for you, not only is her blog TOP NOTCH, she can make you laugh, she can make you cry. Her 30 Things I've learnt by 30 post needs to be handed out in SCHOOLS so they can learn that shit fast.

If you want a healthy dose of realism, feminism and all round fucking bad ass-ery then you need Tara's daily dose of life. She mixes up everything from periods to posts on higgle. She is empowering as fuck. You'll love her.

One of the best skin care blogs around, Caroline is respected throughout the industry and takes no shit from anyone. Sometimes, if i am feeling sad, I just flick through her Instagram, which could be a picture of her Mother's bathroom and still someone will ask if they can use Sudocreme on spots, fun times.

Want body positivity, kick ass clothes and straight talking? Go visit Leah's blog, she will sort you out. Leah is a fabulous lady and her warmth shines through her blog. She is also supportive as hell and will stand alongside you in any battle you face.

If you have ever wanted to go to New York, then check out Chloe's latest series on her blog, I am drinking in her New York diaries and practically licking her pictures. NY not your thing? There is enough beautiful products on her blog to MAKE YOU POOR. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I forgive Katy for being BFF's with Piers Morgan because she makes me laugh, I sometimes disagree with her posts but I always go back to read more. Dating is her thing and she currently has a gif on her front page of a woman deep throating a banana. What's not to love?

Emma is my new event buddy in Leeds, she is funny, her blog is epic and I love to read her thoughts, she is into fitness, but I don't let that put me off her. All jokes aside, Emma's blog is fun and it makes me happy to read it.

I think that is ten. Quite honestly, I could share even more, there are loads of superb blogs out there that I love to read and I would love you to discover that you love these ones too.

Let me know your thoughts on the blogs that I've shared. Are you already reading them or have you found some fab new blogs to follow?



  1. Ooooh you BABE! I love this and that you've featured me...thank you SO much! You've picked some awesome bloggers for this post and I feel privileged to be included! x

  2. Thanks for the mention you complete beaut, you! <3 xxx


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