Monday, 5 September 2016

Butterfly Bingo

Dear plus size clothing companies, let me put this as simply as possible.

Just because I am fat, it doesn't mean to say that I want butterflies on ALL OF my clothes.

I imagine that when plus size companies are sitting around trying to work out the styles for the coming season, they just all look at each other, shrug and go, "Stick a fucking butterfly on it, they will just be so grateful for clothes, they won't give a shit" 

I have a NEWSFLASH for you. Butterflies should NOT be your default setting when it comes to thinking of what we want.

Don't get me wrong, I love butterflies, I have a tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder, do I want it on every single one of my tops? Do I hell.

It has got to the point where I play a game I like to call, Butterfly Bingo. 

Firstly, does it have a butterfly on it? Check

Does it have a cold shoulder? Check another one off. 

Does it have sequins? Ooooooooh, we are so close to achieving Butterfly Bingo

Is it smothered in butterflies, quite sheer with sequins and with a HANKY HEM?

BURN IT. BURN IT WITH FIRE. Then put out that fire, and set it on fire again.

You have achieved full Butterfly Bingo. 

I can't even look at it, it is vile. Make it go away.

I am FAT, I do not feel the need to have butterflies festooned everywhere on my clothing. I have a theory that Plus Size companies think we all secretly identify with butterflies because, if we ever escape the cocoon of fat that we are enveloped in, they think that we too can become the beautiful butterflies we are meant to be.

It is the ONLY reason I can think of that they plaster everything in bloody butterflies.

What do you think?

Are you sick of seeing butterflies on EVERYTHING? Have you ever achieved the holy grail of Butterfly Bingo by spotting a, Cold-shouldered, neon, sequinned, hanky-hemmed butterfly top?

Let me know.

So I can burn it.



  1. I hadnt noticed the butterfly takeover!! But that said I rarely shop anywhere thats not a charity shop ... haha but I like you theory :P

    Charlotte |

  2. I've noticed this too. I was in a Yours store at the weekend and actually saw that cold shoulder one in the picture haha. Confession: I DID buy a tshirt with butterflies on it but only because I really needed a new top and this one isn't completely disgusting, I promise. No sequins, cold shoulders or hanky hems, at least.

  3. Yesssssss! I have said this many a time- I also feel there should be bonus points for pairing the said top with either a.crop combats or b.crop leggings.

  4. I have to admit a certain addiction to cold shoulders, but as I still think I'm 14, they're strictly on slogan the shirts about how I don't wanna, or ain't gonna.

  5. Brilliant! Let's just hope that next summer they don't go for bumble bees as that would be scary... :)

  6. It's not just the whole butterfly thing but sequins. Jesus step away from the sparkly crap. Or those dresses which might as well go by their proper names - mumu! I'm plus sized, I like my curves on show. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a tent or marquee - that is us all. You tell 'em lovely! M X

  7. there was a long, painful period of time where almost all of my clothing came from a store called "fashion bug" and while i WAS thankful that they had literally anything that would fit me, i was drowning in butterflies. this was basically all the way from age 12 to 22 or so, when the last one went out of business in my area. honestly i've taken to wearing all black just to get away from the ugly, ugly butterfly swarm that is plus size clothing.

  8. Surely the cold shoulder aspect is just so you can display your butterfly tattoo to match the top, no? Thoughtful of them really. (I am now wondering whether you have sequins on your tattoo too....)


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