Sunday, 4 September 2016

Christmas with Browns Restaurants

Now you MAY be thinking that it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas yet, I would suggest rolling yourself in glitter and getting with the programme, it's now September, put down your Frappé (unless it is Pumpkin Spice, of course) and slowly immerse yourselves in all things Christmas.

It's coming soon, you may as well embrace it. Are you ready?

I shall begin.

Last week I went to a Xmas event for Browns Restaurants in Leeds and I dived so deeply into the Christmas spirit that I came out singing carols. (That MAY have been the mulled wine, I cannot possibly comment) if you have ever worked in a food environment, or even been in charge of a Christmas party for your office then you will be fully aware that you start to plan the office party NOW. If you need a table for forty people then you don't leave it until December and hope for the best, you start to book now and hope that Janice from Accounts behaves herself this year.

So we were given a sneak peek at what Browns have to offer this Christmas, and I am LOVING THEIR WORK.

Christmas selection at Browns Restaurants

Let me tell you, the choice is superb, and I never thought I would eat beetroot so beautiful, it makes me drool just thinking about it, and THOSE brownies? DIVINE.

I had never been to a Browns before, I always walk past the one on the Headrow in Leeds and say to myself, "I should really go in there one day" well now I have visited, I KNOW I am definitely going to be going back. Their Afternoon Tea looks divine and I am tempted to book a Christmas meal there in the run up to xmas.

Did I show you the menu?

Christmas menu

It all makes me hungry.

What about you?

You can check out Browns Restaurants here, don't forget, they have restaurants all over the country.

Are you ready for Christmas? Does anyone else feel hungry today?

Let me know.


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