Thursday, 1 September 2016

Here Comes Autumn.

Oh September, you beautiful bastard. How I have waited for you, yearned for your touch. Waited for you to show your face to remind me of my favourite season. Autumn. 

I am going to be scanning the trees, waiting for the leaves to be turning red, gold and brown, craning into Starbucks waiting for Pumpkin Spice lattes and wearing boots and jeans and long sleeved tops, all topped off with a HAT. 

Yassssssss, I bloody love September, plus, the kids go back to school. I love my children immensely, but I love them EVEN more when they are at school. 

I love berry lipstick, and heavy make up that doesn't slide off your face as soon as you set foot out of the door, and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, Halloween. 

September, welcome home you wonderful month that leads to such an amazing season.

I have missed you, 

Just don't get too cold, too soon.


What do you love about September?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X X 


  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS!!! I love Autumn (except for the pumpkin lattes ��)

  2. Crunchy leaves, boots & scarves...all the scarves. And getting to find out what all the fuss is about with pumpkin spice lattes now that a Starbucks has finally opened in town.

  3. Sweaters and jeans and leggings and tall boots and cool mornings and warm afternoons, changing colours, beautiful orange and red and yellow sunsets. Autumn is 100% my most favourite season!

  4. I have a feeling there may be a PSL moment later today...

    Emma |

  5. Scarves, Boots oh and the lovely autumnal colours of the leaves. The Wind the rain ... Oh more reasons to wear Jackets did I mention Scarves 👏


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