Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I smile when I choose, not you

"Smile, babe, it might never happen"

"Oi, oi, darling, smile"

"Smile, Sweetheart, you look pretty when you smile"

Women, how many TIMES have we heard these comments? Had them thrown at us from car windows, in the street, or by work colleagues?

I have heard them so many times and yet the words still PISS ME OFF.


What if I am sad? What if I just don't want to smile? Perhaps the situation in Aleppo is breaking my heart and I feel helpless and sad about the situation of the world in which we live? But you know, I should REALLY be concerned about making myself look pretty for some DICK that is worried that I am spoiling the view.

Last night was the US Presidential debate and all across social media, there are comments and debates on Hillary Clinton's smile. She smiles too much, it's a fake smile, her smile doesn't reach her eyes, her smile is too wide. OH JUST STOP IT.

This is a presidential debate, not a fucking pageant or a dental convention. Hillary Clinton and ALL WOMEN are more than just an aesthetic for men to look at. MORE THAN JUST A SMILE.

When I choose to smile, it is my choice, I smile because something has made me happy, made me laugh or amused me. I, and other women like me, do NOT OWE YOU SHIT.

We own our own bodies, our own faces and our own smiles.

and that thought, makes me smile.

Wouldn't you agree?



  1. I was actually told 'smile it may never happen' by a member of the care staff on the ward my mother was admitted to. I shit you not. She had become severely disabled, had numerous complications, I was battling awful mental health issues made worse due to circumstance, and I was told this by a male care assistant who knew exactly who I was. It made everything 10 times worse on my mind.

  2. This makes me so angry, people say this to me all the time


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