Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interview Panic

I have a job interview this morning, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

I have scrubbed my nails, given my hair a good talking to, (I asked it to tone down the colour a bit but it just told me to deal with it) and even shaved my legs. (Whether they will ask to see whether my legs or hairy or not, I don't know. It's been a while since my last job interview, things may have changed.

I have spent the last two hours repeating, "Do not swear, do not fucking swear, do not fucking fucking swear" I don't know whether I'm telling myself not to swear or getting it all out of my system, who fucking knows?

There has been the internal debate over an outfit, apparently this is an "informal interview" but I doubt they would be impressed with my bright green skeleton leggings. Do I wear a dress? Is that too formal? If I wear a dress, do I go for tights? I mean, I've shaved my legs for this. Do I take a handbag, even though I have nothing to carry? The job is in a school, have I ever returned any forms late, do I have a reputation as an annoying parent? WHAT IF THEY DON"T LIKE MY CHILD? Therefore do not like me?

Why do I ask myself so many questions?

Why am I writing this down?

Why am I pressing publish?

Any interview tips for me today, just in case I get a second interview?

Let me know.


So I have just had a phone call, and I ONLY WENT AND GOT THE BLOODY JOB, didn't I? I am crediting myself, some awesome references and all your positive wishes for helping me get it.

Does anyone want to guess what my new job is????????????????

Have a guess in the comments below.

Ok, so lots of guesses, and some of you actually got it right!!!!!!!!    I have a new job and I am going to be a lunchtime play supervisor in a school. 

The rather lovely lady in the red tie was my Nanna, she worked in a school and many, many people still talk about the difference she made to them and their time in school. I want to be just like my nanna.

Thanks for all your best wishes today, they mean a lot.



  1. Chill!! You will be fine.
    I would go for dress and tights myself. Practice for the one interview question they always ask, 'what are your strenghts and what are your weaknesses?'

  2. Good luck lovely! My top tip is whenever you say you can do something, always have a decent example of a time when you actually did to back it up. Not that you'd ever bulls**t anyone I'm sure... :)

  3. Yes to dress and tights. Kep calm, don't fidget and knock em dead! Xx

  4. Are you an international spy? I know MI6 were looking

  5. Dinner lady? Janitor? Teachers assistant?.....HEAD MISTRESS!!

  6. Lol was just about to wish you luck turns out I was right the other day you didn't need it. I think dinner person or admin assistant. The person who would file those letters you may have handed in. Congratulations.

  7. The new head of awesome talent?

  8. Amazing! Well done lovely :)
    Dei xx

  9. That's brilliant - and I bet you'll be just as amazing for a whole new generation of kids as your nanna was. Congrats lovely xx


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