Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Schools Back After Summer

Hear that sound?

Nope, me either. 2 of my children are back to school today and it is FUCKING BLISSFUL.  I do have one teen starting college next week but she is currently pre-loaded with the mobile phone attachment, the Netflix accessory pack and her own den. Seriously, if I didn't hear the fridge open and close occasionally, I wouldn't know she existed, but I digress.

Today is the day when I get my living room back, for six and a quarter hours a day I can walk around naked if I so choose, (let us never talk of the window cleaner incident of 2015) I can and possibly will eat cereal from the box and I will once again discover that I have a name other than mum.

Now I love my three children, I do, but I also love waving them off at the beginning of a brand new school year, a year older, a year wiser and costing me more in shoes than I pay for my own, I also know that other parents feel the same. Hence, yesterday and today, and over the following few days, Facebook will be full of proud/knackered parents posting pictures of their crotchfruit, in their shiny, expensive uniform.


There are people out there who sneer at parents flooding Facebook with pictures, I say fuck em. You post that picture of your child if you wish. You compare it to the picture you took a year ago and caption it with "Hasn't so-and-so grown in a year?"

You build those memories, you share those memories with family and friends on Facebook, I love seeing how my niece has grown, I love to see how children in the year above my daughter who started at secondary school look in their brand new uniforms.

If you don't like it, don't look at it, what you really don't need to do is piss on everyones cornflakes by sneering about it. Build a bridge, and get the fuck over it.

Some parents never get the chance to see their children go to school, some people lose children and have only these cherished memories to look back on.

Don't spoil other people's opportunities to build memories, one day, it could be all they have.

What do you think about the sharing of school pictures on Facebook? Do you love it or hate it?

Let me know.



  1. I'm not a mum (yet), but amongst all the whinging, self indulgent statuses & people 'checking in' at the local Weatherspoons (I really don't care if you're having a beer) back to school pictures are a breath of fresh air! People use Facebook to document what matters to them, of course people's children are going to make an appearance! I personally love seeing pictures of how my friends children are growing up. Anything is better than another photo of a 'cheeky' nandos!

  2. The school uniform pics are a yes from me as I'd rather see a little one in their shiny new uniform which firstly will have cost a bloody fortune and secondly will never be that clean again. At the end of the day, if you have Facebook friends then you should want to see what makes them happy. And if you don't? Off you fuck.

  3. Thank you so much. For long complicated reasons I don't have the opportunity to take these pictures of my Son. I love seeing my friends children in brand new school uniform and can't wait to see my Niece in her's tomorrow.

  4. As I posted on a friends status, if people don't like it they can hit the hide button, or just not follow those of us with kids. Sure we wouldn't miss the miserable fuckers

  5. We home ed so I am probably meant to hate them but I love seeing them and I post my own not back to school photos:)

  6. Being a teacher I have to admit I love these photos! There is nothing better than a parent showing how proud they are of their children. And at the amount parents pay for uniform I'd be bloody showing it off to!


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