Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Shoes, but Hotter

My name is Kellie and I do not have enough shoes. In fact, I can never have enough shoes. In the summer, I do not have enough sandals, in the winter, I need boots. Autumn? Well thats just a git because I need sandals AND boots. WHO KNOWS what the weather might be that day? A girl needs to be prepared, right? Got to have options.

A year ago, I attended an opening event for Hotter shoes, (You can read the post here. Hotter Shoes Sept 2015 ) and I fell in love with a pair of Teal, pixie style boots that I absolutely adore and still wear. Since then I have purchased other shoes from Hotter and have always found the quality to be absolutely superb and the shoes EXTREMELY comfortable.

Last week I was invited back to the Leeds branch to take a look at the new Autumn/Winter styles at Hotter and see what has changed in the last year since it opened.

Sign saying shoes to fall in love with

Firstly, the staff are so helpful, I took my youngest daughter with me to the store, it is always interesting to see how staff in stores react to children in a shop that doesn't cater for them but the Hotter staff were superb, which is always great when you want to try on 700 pairs of shoes and the small child is demanding to go elsewhere as they are bored.

The Autumn/Winter collection could have been designed for me, all of them. I want them all. I love shoes and boots that make me want to touch them, stroke them and yes, lick them. and so many of these shoes were extremely lickable. (No, I didn't actually lick them, that would be bad)

pale pink brogue

Burgundy patent shoe

Detailing on shoe

Now, Hotter shoes are designed to be comfortable. It is like the best-kept secret in the world how you can wear shoes from Hotter all day and not even ache. I am not a huge fan of heels as I know I will suffer the day after wearing them in my hips and knees but I have never had a problem whilst wearing a pair of my Hotter heels, they are designed for comfort, without losing ANY style points AT ALL.

I wanted to take away a pair of shoes that really are Autumn/Winter but I was torn between these two pairs.

The County Boots which are also now available in Burgundy and are stunning. You can see them on the website if you click the link.

Autumn winter black ankle boot

And the Stevie which you can also see above in the beautiful pale colour.

Black Patent Brogue

So which ones did I choose to take away and review? The County Boots. Did I leave the Stevie behind? Nope. Dear Reader, I purchased them and took them home where I could lick them to my hearts content.

If you have never purchased a pair of Hotter Shoes before, or always walked past the shop or dismissed them online as "Old peoples shoes" then you are really missing out. These shoes are stylish, comfortable and not over priced. You can check them out online here  

and they have stores all across the country.

Why not check them out, your feet will thank you.

*I was invited by PR to visit Hotter Shoes, words, as always, are all my own.


  1. I adore those shoes - the styles are right up my street and designed for comfort? Sign me up!!

    1. Aren't they superb? They have stores but they also sell online, check them out xxxx

  2. Liking the brogues - I've bought some great ones from Clarks lately and highly recommend for the padded soles and amazing support (they almost keep my wonky leg straight ... almost).

    C xx

    1. Some of the ranges in Hotter have a inner sole you can take out as well, so good for if you have feet that are different sizes.

      Brogues are my weakness in Autumn, I'm terrible


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