Friday, 2 September 2016

Three Years In Leeds

Three years ago today I moved to Leeds.

It feels like only yesterday that my three children and I said goodbye to East London and moved up north, and I have never been happier.

In the three years since I moved, I have got married, my children have grown into fine young adults and every day I am happy, content and we laugh, we laugh a lot.

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It is a huge thing to move halfway across the country for love, to move from London to Leeds where you don't really know anyone, your children have to start at new schools and apparently it is REALLY COLD. 

(It isn't, although I spent the first winter wearing thermal vests and leggings and never went anywhere without a hat) 

I love it here in Leeds, I left family and some good friends back in London, but I have also made some extremely close ones here in Leeds too. People who made me feel welcome from the first day I came here. I always tell the story of when I first moved to Leeds, whenever people used to make eye contact, I used to clutch my handbag closer in case they were going to mug me. Now I walk around like a puppy saying, "Hello, hello, hello" to everyone around. 

I don't want to be overly sentimental on this post, I just wanted to mark the occasion in some way, but I also wanted to just take a second to say, 

If you are struggling with a decision, a choice, if you don't know whether to make that leap. 

Do it, try it. It is the best thing that I ever did, will it go right? I can't tell you that. I know that for me, it did. but even if it goes wrong, you TRIED. You did something, you made a leap of faith and you tried something different. People are scared to make big decisions because of "What if.........."

What if it is the best thing you ever do? 

I know it was for me. 

Have you ever made a big decision or moved across the country? How did it turn out? 

Let me know.



  1. I can't believe it's been 3-years already - I remember it so well!

    It's been such a pleasure to see you come alive since you moved 'up there'. The happiness and contentment you feel literally radiates out of the screen and it genuinely makes me so happy to see it.

    Here's to many more happy years! xx

    1. Thank you Penny. That means a lot. I've never been happier in my whole life. Moving to Leeds was the best life decision I ever made

  2. We moved from East London (Walthamstow) to just outside Glasgow 2.5 years ago. Not regretted it a sausage. I miss my pals in London, but my work takes me down a few times a year, and every time I go, I think "how did I cope?!"

    I realise now that I really am a country girl at heart (grew up in Derbyshire) and whilst I loved the 9 years in london, I adore seeing hills and mountains and I love my space.

    The lack of mortgage, cheaper childcare and all that is a boon too....

  3. We did it the other way round. He moved from York to Wokingham. That was 19years,ago now. Maybe Marcellus have more money if we'd dine it the fiercest round. But we have lovely children,family Tec and get to visit Yorkshire frequently.


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