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What Is Bake-Off Without Mel & Sue?

When the news broke that The Great British Bake-Off would be moving to Channel 4, the viewing public (Over 11 million people) let out a collective groan. Would Channel 4 be able to keep the format as it is? Would they be able to resist sticking their fingers in the pie, (Oooooh errrrrrrr, missus) and change what is intrinsically a gentle programme, into something a little more salacious.

When it was then announced that Mel & Sue would not be following across to Channel 4, I think the groans turned into swears and ripping up of TV licences.

Mel & Sue ARE Bake-Off, and yes, before you all tell me that Paul and Mary are also an integral part of GBBO, let me tell you what I heard recently that makes me sad that they won't be continuing.

One of the things I love about Bake-off is the lack of sob-stories, they have no need for back stories on GBBO or tears over a dead great-grandparent that had a dying wish for their offspring to win a cooking programme. There is no dead cat, or forcing of tears on the show and the BBC it seems, do not linger on the tears of contestants to drag out every emotion for the viewer to drink, and here's why. When a contestant cries on Bake-off, out of frustration over a flan or anger over an icing issue, Mel & Sue apparently stand near the contestant and use bad language so that the footage is unairable.


If Kay Burley was hosting Bake-off she would be directing the camera into the face of the contestant asking, "How does your collapsed flan make you feel now?" "How do you think your dead grandmother would feel, knowing that you have let her down in this way" "Are you crying over your dead cat"

You know she would.

Instead, Mel & Sue protect the contestants from overzealous producers who would probably want to slip in the footage with sad music overlaid with lingering shots of pictures of dead relatives.

Plus, what even is Bake-off without the innuendo?


"Time to reveal your cracks"

to one of my favourites,

"I've never eaten a nun before"

the humour is delivered with such a straight face that you begin to think that is YOU that has the filthy mind. (It could actually be me, my mind is a sewer)

What will any other duo bring to the tent that can surpass or even EQUAL what Mel and Sue have? I'm am pretty sure that the British Bake-off we see in 2017 (or later) on Channel 4 will be just a shadow of the original, and that makes me sad. The Great British Bake Off is such a great programme and I am extremely sad it is over in the current format at the end of this season. Not even Jason Momoa, presenting in Speedos could save it for me now (although if he wants to try...............)

How are you feeling about the whole Bake-Off saga? Are you going to be watching on C4? Who do you think would make great presenters? And WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS IF MARY AND PAUL LEAVE???????????

Let me know.



  1. I never knew that about them swearing to help contestants. Apparently the fans want ainsley harriot not sure which fans they are cause I can't stand him. No idea who could do it or if I will even bother to watch. Don't think there's a single program I watch that on channel 4.

    1. Me either, I only discovered it at the weekend and I was so impressed by it. I love Mel & Sue.

  2. When you have Netflix or another streaming service, you come to realise just how short programmes on commercial TV are. Big Bang is 20 minutes actual content, Agents of SHIELD 40 minutes and I don't think home grown programmes fair much better. If the production company want to keep the format they zealously protect and have ad breaks, it'll have to be 90 minutes per episode,as I can't imagine such a high profile 'coup' show would have fewer ad breaks as the revenue potential is enormous. James Martin isn't on TV much at the moment and he didn't get the Top Gear gig, an opening? Mel and Sue really do make the show though. I read the same article and I think they became TV heroes to me for that. Burley, ugh. The thought of 'sadness in his pies' is too much to bear.

    1. "sadness in his pies" made me spit my coffee EVERYWHERE. Lol

  3. Ainsley Harriot would be worse than an outbreak of actual rabies in the tent.
    "WOT'S HE LIIIKE! He added Suzy Salt instead of Alan Sugar! WOT'S HE LIIIIKE!" and hugging women *slightly* too long.

    The move to C4 is fine, as long as you view it as a new show. It's going to be different. New presenters et al is good, because it's not really going to be Bake Off. Fair enough.

    Incidentally, I leave this for you viewing pleasure. Dick and Dom's version of Mel and Sue is magnificent.

  4. I can't see Mary going over but you never know Paul would although I'm bored of him having said that I don't know who could replace them..Jamie Oliver can sod off ad can most of the channel 4 cooks/bakers for me. Don't talk to me about Mel and sue, I'm deeply upset about this haha

  5. Oh my god I never knew that about Mel and Sue?! What babes. The show will be nothing without them. x

  6. Oh my god I never knew that about Mel and Sue?! What babes. The show will be nothing without them. x

  7. I think I'll probably watch the first few of the Channel 4 version, as hubby has given the new Top Gear the benefit of the doubt. But I can't see it being the same (like the new Top Gear!). I didn't know about Mel & Sue ruining crying footage until my husband told me, but I can totally imagine them doing it. They're a fantastic duo & you're spot on, they really do make the GBBO what it is. I know I've said that I'll probably give the C4 version the benefit of the doubt, but I've hear rumours that Jamie Oliver will be taking over the male judge role. If that's the case, I definitely won't be watching! Xx

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