Monday, 12 September 2016

Why I don't give a DAMN if my clothes are "Man-repelling"

Shane Watson has written another article that makes me roll my eyes.

It starts out almost being a celebration of women, talking about how women at the pointy end of fashion are not dressing to impress the opposite sex, and then swiftly nose-dives into sadness and despair.

Even the term "Man-repellers" makes me want to barf. Lady, get a grip. If headphones don't work to repel men, let's be honest, nothing will. (but I digress)

Shane wails about how hard it is to walk the tightrope between clothes our girlfriends will admire and the ones men either appreciate or don't detest.

I suggest that Shane gets a sodding grip and stops worrying what the hell people think of her and dress purely for herself and wear what the hell makes her happy.

It is a hell of a lot more freeing than standing in front of a wardrobe each day worrying about whether Susan from accounts will find your cardigan cute or not.

Plus, Shane, if you stand around in changing rooms "chatting about what will and won't fly with the average bloke" by all means, crack on, but you don't speak for me when you say we all do it.

Me in a changing room.

"Does this fit?" 

"Cool, let's go and grab lunch" 

I don't give a shit whether what I am wearing is tickling a dude's pickle or not. Do I like it? I'm GODDAMN WEARING IT SHANE AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO OR WRITE THAT WILL STOP ME.

Another thing, Shane. I can assure you now, we have NOT committed to memory universal list of clothes men find challenging.

Challenging? What the fuck does she mean by challenging. Front-loading bras, THEY are challenging. LOAFERS? HOW THE HELL ARE LOAFERS CHALLENGING?

Shane has annoyed me, can you tell?

Please, read the article, am I wrong? Is Shane just being deliberately inflammatory?

How are Loafers challenging?

Please I beg you, let me know.



  1. Man Repellant??? That phrase can fuck off and then go fuck off some more. I like it, it fits,I wear it. Simple as that. Fucking awful article

  2. I really like the fashion blog "Man Repeller," by Leandra Medine. She's really fun and I love her outfits and how she loves sticking it to "trends," which I wholly support. I only wish clothes would ACTUALLY repel men, because it seems no matter what I wear, I get propositioned. Tiny little dress in summer? Catcalled. Snowsuit in winter? Catcalled. If they could bottle up a Man Repeller Spray, I would buy a case of it right now. I just want to live my life/go to work/buy groceries/drop off laundry without men leaning out of cabs and offering me $40 for sex. Ugh.

  3. Well according to society (in general) my size makes me man-repellant so do I need to worry about my clothes making me super repellant?? I'm so confused...... (not!)

  4. I refuse to read that article! But hear hear to you! Wear what you love, what makes you feel good, sod everyone else!

  5. I don't feel as though loafers (worn by either men or women) are a particularly offensive pair of shoes. Also, if loafers repel this Shane bloke, I'm more inclined to wear them.


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