Friday, 21 October 2016

Dove, Once Again Straying Out Of Their Lane

Now part of me wonders, if I write this negative post about Dove and their #SpeakBeautiful campaign, does this mean I will have to write TWO positive posts afterwards to conteract the "Negativity"?

In case you aren't aware of what is going on. Once again, Dove have strayed out of their lane and decided to tell us that we must only be positive about ourselves and Speak Beautiful.

Ok, Thought Police, firstly, CAN YOU FUCKING NOT?

Dove, your job is to make me smell nice, anything else, can you just back the fuck off and instead of trying to HAPPY BULLY us, realise that what you are doing is BLOODY DANGEROUS.

Twitter is a lifeline for some people, a SAFE SPACE, a place where they can reveal exactly how they feel at that time, hopefully without judgement and instead with support and love.

If you encourage people to instead LOVE BOMB them with encouraging thoughts and get them to post TWO positive thoughts, you are not helping, AT ALL. People could become too scared to tweet how they feel if they think they are going to be drowned in positive thoughts and energy instead of support, which COULD take the form of LISTENING, or encouraging them to make a Dr's appointment, or going to visit them if you know them in real life.

Dove, not everything is as simple as encouraging people to post two positive tweets. Sometimes life is HARD, and this ill-thought out campaign to sell soap is possibly dangerous. Not everything can be cured with a puppy GIF or just positivity.

Another issue I have with this campaign is the use of the word beautiful. WHY must we speak beautiful? What on earth has the word beautiful got to do with negativity and positivity? Once again, women are being put in tiny little stereotypical boxes and IT ISN'T RIGHT.

This campaign is poorly thought out, downright dangerous HAPPY bullying, and I for one will not be a part of it. Sometimes we ARE negative, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are depressed and when we seek help or support, I do not want to be told to speak beautiful, as if the ugliness of my words and truth have no part in this world.

Stick to selling soap, Dove and leave us out of it.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Little Mix, Who Cares What They Wear?

So, it seems as if EVERYONE is currently talking about Little Mix at the moment, but not their BANGIN' Tune, which I have listened to far too many times than is actually healthy for a 40 yr old, but instead, concentrating on their clothes, and their "Stripper and Prostitute' outfits.

In case you haven't seen them, these are the outfits that have caused SO MUCH outrage.

Apparently, Jesy is being singled out (once again) for wearing the most revealing outfits, but
I have studied all the outfits in great detail and have come to the conclus......... JESUS CHRIST, THEY ARE WEARING CLOTHES AND PEOPLE NEED TO FIND SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO GET OUTRAGED ABOUT........ (and breathe)

Seriously though, they are clad, I do not give a SHIT how "scantily," they are on a stage PERFORMING and IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER what they are wearing.

And for all the parents crying about them not being good role models, and I am staring hard at Mel C here, If you do not like what they are wearing, if you do not like what they are singing about, switch it off. If you decide that listening to Little Mix is not appropriate for your 7yr old, that is your right, you are the parent here, go you. May you and your crotchfruit go in peace.

But let's not flood the internet with faux rage about them dressing as strippers and prostitutes. These are grown arse women who can wear what the hell they want, when they want. They aren't doing a midweek shop in Tesco (other shops are also available) they are performing on a stage.

Let's get over it, (and yourself) a little and MOVE ON.

Anyone else agree? Or disagree?

Let me know.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Notebooks, turning over a new leaf

I have a LOT of notes to write, I am currently looking into going back to college and beginning a new career path, this involves doing a lot of studying. Do I,

A, write in one of the MANY unused notebooks that I already own?

B, write in a notebook that have only one page used?


C, Buy new notebooks?

If you answered A or B, you are wrong. If you answered C, you are GOOD PEOPLE, and the world needs more people like you. (And more notebooks, right?)

What IS IT with notebooks that means you can never have TOO many of them? Why can you have notebooks that you will never so much write your name in, notebooks that are so pretty that the only thing they are good for are blog pictures, (you know you just nodded in agreement) and notebooks that are lovely notebooks, superb notebooks, it is just they aren't quite right for the THIS particular job, meaning you many as well buy a new notebook or seven?

I have the MOST amazing notebook from Pen Heaven, I mean, look at IT, it has my blog name on it and EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Purple Notebook

I also have a matching pen, Which ALSO has my name on it!!!! (Yes, I know you can't see it in this picture, I never said I was a good blogger, ok?) This is quite possibly the best notebook that I own, I carry it around in my bag. Everywhere I go, this notebook comes with me.


I mean, I have yet to find it's true purpose. I use the pen for everything, it writes like a dream, but not once has the ink touched my beautiful notebook, because I am a NOTEBOOK HOARDING WEIRDO.

I WANT to write in it, but I don't Look at it, it is beautiful, isn't it? One day I will find its purpose. I believe that every notebook has its purpose in life, be it to write the outline of your first novel, plan a wedding, create poetry. Every notebook that is empty, just hasn't found its path yet. It is not our place to FORCE it into something that won't make it happy.

We should respect our notebooks, and constantly buy new ones, right?

I am currently trying to justify the purchase of THIS beauty,

Isn't it divine? Also from Pen Heaven, if you are considering buying me a christmas present, or a birthday present, (hint hint) you can buy it here,

Or if anyone can come up with one good reason for me to buy it, I will be eternally grateful. 

I am not alone in my love for notebooks, am I? I know that some of you share my love of owning notebooks that are not to be written in until you find their true purpose, let me know in the comments how many YOU own, how many YOU write in and how many notebooks is TOO MANY. 

Let me know,

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Leeds Lifestyle Awards 2016, Celebrating Everything Leeds and OOTD

I think we all know how much I love Leeds by now, but when I was invited to attend the Leeds Lifestyle Awards, which was being shown live on the Made In Leeds TV Channel, I jumped at the chance to help celebrate Leeds and reward some great local companies for their achievements.

From best coffee shop, to best hairdressers as well as best live event and of course, Leeds Legend, the categories were full of the best that Leeds has to offer.

All of the winners were extremely proud to have won their awards, and rightly so, they clutched their little awards as if they were a gift from above, although I imagine in the alcohol-filled hours that followed, some may have been misplaced, if only for a minute or two.

The whole evening was a huge blur of laughter, great food and fabulous company, I met the wonderful Cleo Rocos,

the gorgeous gentlemen from Lords Barbering. Byron, sir, you are a genuine legend, I am sorry I hunted you all down and told you that I fancy every single one of you (I'm not really) Also attending were Sinitta, some reality TV stars, and a lot of hard-working people who were proud to represent the company that they worked for.

If you want to catch the programme, you can catch up here on the Made In Leeds TV Network,

I had an incredibly fun evening and many thanks to Made In Leeds for inviting me and of course, my beautiful partner in crime, "Lucy" 

What I Wore. 

Many people who follow me on my social networks saw that I had nothing but stress when trying to buy a dress for the event. It isn't easy being plus size and trying to find a red-carpet worthy dress. I wanted to feel like a million dollars, the day before I thought it was probably going to cost me as much to get a dress in time.

This beautiful dress was from Boohoo, and I have to admit, I felt fantastic in it, It is the Natalie Lace Dress, you can find it in the Curve section here, ----> Boohoo Curve Dress

and the best thing about it was, it cost me £22. I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW RIGGHTTTTTT?

It is available in both black and red, all the way up to a size 28. Tempting, huh?

Now for the bad part, I ordered it on next day delivery, did it come the next day? Hell no, it came late the day after, which was the day before my event, and if it hadn't have fitted me, I would have been SCREWED. I found the customer services to be completely lacking as well, they are busy, extremely busy and they do have a habit, which I have seen a lot of lately, of acting as if they are your BFF, I don't need a new friend, I NEEDED MY GODDAMN DRESS.

Would I shop with them again? Yes, I am fat and my dress cost me £22 quid, I can't really afford to be choosy here, but I would order in PLENTY of time to guarantee delivery. If it would have arrived on time, I would be shouting from the roof tops about how wonderful they are, but it didn't, which sucks. but, twenty-two quid tho? you know what I mean?


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Where are the Halloween Clothes for Plus Size Women, Asos?

Ah Halloween, a favourite time of the year, unless you are plus size of course, then Halloween is the time when brands move cllllllllll their black dresses into their plus size section and point at the going, "See, we even think of the fat people, AREN'T WE INCLUSIVE?

How about no? We SEEEEEEE YOU, we are not stupid.

For example, ASOS. Once a HUGE supporter of plus size women, now, Um, not so much.

That's right, 939 items in ASOS are marked as Halloween, yet only 38 in ASOS Curve, and most of them are plain black dresses, or tights with bats on. Oh, and wet look leggings, let me tell you, there is nothing scarier than Wet Look leggings on me at any time of year, let alone Halloween.

Perhaps there isn't much call for plus size women to wear Halloween stuff, some may ask?

then let me point this out to you.

300 hundred items in ASOS MEN. THREE HUNDRED. 

I am not even fucking around here, as a plus size woman I am FUMING that there is so little on offer from a company such as ASOS, who really seem to have NO interest in the plus size market any more. 

Let me show you a small selection from the THIRTY-EIGHT pieces available on ASOS CURVE HALLOWEEN. 

It isn't just me, is it? They are just taking the piss here, aren't they? 

So, where is GOOD to purchase Halloween clothes if you are plus size? Where else is AWFUL? 
What do you think of the ASOS Curve Halloween selection?

Let me know.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Clowning Around

"Clowns, because women need more things to be scared of when they walk home by themselves late at night"

So, what started in America, stares pointedly at America, is now apparently on our own doorstep. Nope, not Donald Trump, the OTHER CLOWNS.

Who the FUCK decided that it would be super fun to dress up as a clown and scare shit out of people?

You know what, I am NOT scared of clowns. What I am scared of, are people who think dressing up as a clown and walking around in the dark for the sole purpose of scaring people is a good idea. 

YOU JUST KNOW that these people who are dressing up as clowns for fun are MEN. Men who think it is BANTZ, a laugh, a bit of a giggle. There are very few women who would think, I know, I will scare people as they walk home alone from a night out, because they KNOW that walking home alone, even if it is 50 metres down the road is scary enough.

I don't need a clown to make my heart stop briefly when I am walking home in the dark. A leaf underfoot, a cat running across the road, a car slowing down nearby. ALL THINGS GUARANTEED to terrify a woman. WANT TO THROW IN A CLOWN AND JUST MAKE THINGS WORSE?


But it is my fault I suppose, I just don't GET THE JOKE, do I? I just don't get it. IT'S FUN. IT is JUST A LAUGH, I need to lighten up, don't I? God, WOMEN, they are SO TOUCHY.

If you think that the clown epidemic is a "bit of a laugh" consider the people who are already scared to walk home in the dark, If you are a person who is unnerved by the clowns, realise that THIS IS HOW WOMEN FEEL, ALL THE TIME.

If you are thinking of dressing up as a clown to scare people, don't be THAT GUY.

And if you find yourself surrounded by clowns one night, always go straight for the juggler. (Clown joke, coz)

What do you think about the clown epidemic? Is the media focus making it worse? Are Clowns this years False Widows?

Let me know.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Brass & Crimson, with Drambuie

The story of Drambuie begins over 267 years ago in July 1746. Prince Charles Edward Stuart (known also as Bonnie Prince Charlie) was on the run, after defeat at the Battle of Culloden had ended his hopes of restoring the Stuarts to the throne of Great Britain.
The Prince was pursued by the King’s men across the Highlands and Islands of Western Scotland, bravely aided by many Highland Clans. Among them was Clan MacKinnon whose chief, John MacKinnon, helped the Prince escape from The Isle of Skye. In thanks for his bravery the Prince gave John MacKinnon the secret recipe to his personal liqueur, a gift that the Clan were to treasure down the generations. An extraordinary elixir that would, many years later, become known to the world as Drambuie.

In 2016, Drambuie presents, Brass & Crimson

Drambuie presents The Brass & Crimson – a modern celebration of the iconic age and scene that made Drambuie world-famous. 2016’s Brass & Crimson experience brings together iconic talent with emerging stars that fly the flag for Jazz and its influence on other genres to create new musical experiences.

In August, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Drambuie, Brass & Crimson event that was held in Leeds. With jazz as smooth and heady as the Drambuie cocktails, The Maven was the perfect venue for an event that hosted such talent as Binker & Moses and Saxophonist Nubya Garcia, giving it almost a speakeasy feel as the liquor flowed and the music wrapped you in its grip, leading you through the stories of old. 

The Brass & Crimson tour has been a superb journey and one that if you missed it, you can watch the footage of the live stream here.

I have rediscovered a love of both Drambuie and jazz, a perfect combination. 


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sharing a Smile with Getting Personal

We all LOVE getting gifts right? We also LOVE getting gifts from our friends that have put a lot of thought into them, right?

A little while ago, I was approached by Getting Personal asking me to get involved in a fantastic initiative where a group of bloggers were going to buy gifts for each other.

Well, I signed up straight away, not only do I love presents, I really enjoy getting gifts for other people, taking the time to find things that I know they will like. My recipient was Haydy from Squibb Vicious, you can read her Sharing a Smile post here -> I am so glad that she enjoyed her gifts.

My gift giver was the lovely Georgina Grogan from who I absolutely adore.

Did she do well?

Of course she did.

Seriously though, a NOTEBOOK that is titled, People I Want To Punch In The Face? I would have said that GG nailed it, just with that!!!!!!!!!!!

All jokes aside, the Getting Personal website is superb, whether you are an excellent gift giver or usually really naff at buying presents, there is something for everyone on the site, and you will get a great reputation of being a superb chooser of gifts.

Go check them out.

I highly recommend them

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Monday, 3 October 2016

I have never

I think we have all played a version of the drinking game, Never Have I, Ever. My problem was always that I would get confused, "Never have I ever had sex in a lift?" "Does that mean I drink if I have, or if I haven't?" Drinks drink anyway.

So here is my version. Play along in the comments if you want to add your own.

I have never watched Magic Mike, or Magic Mike XXL.

I have never read the Harry Potter books, or watched the films.

I have never been on a girlie holiday.

I have never been on a City Break.

I have never had a Brazilian, (or a waxing)

I have never eaten oysters.

I have never passed out through alcohol. (But God, I've tried)

And finally, I have never found a dog, I didn't like the look of.

How many of these have you never done either?

Or what do you want to add?

Let me know in the comments.
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